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PAKISTAN Unprecedentedly Enhances Security Of Its Maritime Sea Limits To Block Unauthorized Entry Of Nuclear Submarines, Warships And Military Aircrafts:

The rapid changes in the Geostrategic and Geopolitical dynamic has compelled Islamabad to take unprecedented security measures to safeguard its Sacred National Interests and to maintain the Strategic Regional Dominance in the indian Ocean Region (IOR). PAKISTAN has decided to unprecedentedly enhance and strengthen the Security of its Maritime Frontiers and Sea Limits to block the unauthorized entry of Nuclear Submarines, Warships and Military Aircraft.


According to the details from the reliable sources, PAKISTAN has now restricted the entry of all unauthorized entry of Nuclear Submarines, Naval Warships and Fighter Aircraft before entering the domain of its maritime frontiers.

Now, all the Foreign Military Aircraft, Warships and Nuclear Submarines will have to take prior Permission from the concerned PAKISTANI Authorities before entering the Maritime Frontier Domain of PAKISTAN. If the sovereignty of the PAKISTAN’s Maritime Frontier is violated, then PAKISTANI Authorities will deal with all the offenders with an ‘Iron Hand’.

In the same way, all the foreign Fighter Jet and Military Aircraft will also not be able to pass through the airspace of PAKISTANI Territorial Waters without getting the prior permission from the concerned authorities in PAKISTAN. PAKISTAN will take strict action against all the offenders in the case of violations of its airspace by any manner, whatsoever.

PAKISTANI Authorities have taken the decision in order to safeguard the Interests of its National Security in the rapidly changing geopolitical and geostrategic environment.

Factors Which Push PAKISTAN To Take This Unprecedented Security Measure:

  1. Security Of CPEC and Gwadar Port:

Sea lanes act as the crucial backbone of any country’s security and the same case applies to PAKISTAN also. Threats to the Gwadar Port, which is known as World’s largest Deep Sea port, has increased significantly in the recent years by indian sponsored, indian funded and indian proxy elements.


PAKISTAN'S Deep Sea Port Gwadar Port
PAKISTAN’S Deep Sea Port Gwadar Port

Before being connected to the Multi-Billion Dollar CPEC Project, the Gwadar Port has a lot of symbolic value, since it is one of the World’s largest Deep Sea Port.

Gwadar Port is located in the resource rich Baluchistan Province and it has gained tremendous strategic significance and value since it became the pivot of Multi-Billion Dollars CHINA-PAKISTAN Economic Corridor (CPEC), as it is known as the Flagship of CHINA’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).

Furthermore, the overall security of the Balochistan and PAKISTAN could be at risk, unless and until the borders and territorial frontiers are not secured properly.

In order to contain the posing risk of indian state sponsored and indian state funded terrorism, illicit trafficking and piracy, the overall Security of the Gwadar Port needs to be made sustainable in order to attract the large scale foreign investments and to make it the Launchpad for the success of CHINA-PAKISTAN Economic Corridor Flagship Project in the dynamic geo-economic era.

Gwadar has the potential of being the World’s busiest port in coming years due to its strategic location, but its security have to be ensured by the authorities initiate and regularize large-scale trade activities in the area.

  1. Secret Intelligence Station of UAE and israel in Socotra Island:

After normalizing the relations on the behest of the US and other powers, both UAE and israel are all set to establish Secret Intelligence Station in Socotra Island, which is located 350 Kilometers South of Yemen and falls in the territorial maritime frontiers of United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The proposed secret Intelligence Station being built by UAE in collaboration with israel will have the potential to collect critical intelligence of different regional countries, including PAKISTAN, CHINA and Iran. The Secret Intelligence Station will be able to operate from Bab el-Mandeb Strait to the Gulf of Aden and the Middle East.

The Secret Intelligence gathering Station being built by israel and UAE would be capable to examine and track the air and sea traffic in the Southern part of the Red Sea.

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Hence, both UAE and israel are claiming that the sole main purpose of establishing the Secret Intelligence Station in Socotra Island is to keep an eye on Iranian Naval movements and track the activities of Houthi Militants. However, top defense analyst are terming the claim of both UAE and israel as a hoax and said that both UAE and israel have a sinister agenda behind the establishment of the Secret Intelligence Station in UAE’s Socotra Island.


  1. Threat and Risk Secret Intelligence Station of UAE and israel Poses PAKISTAN’s Deep Sea Gwadar Port:

The Defense and Security Officials in PAKISTAN are concerned that the proposed secret Intelligence collection station being built by the United Arab Emirates and israel poses a great risk, threat and danger to the Security of Gwadar Port.

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israel and UAE are establishing Secret Intelligence Gathering Station in Socotra Island To Track and Monitor PAKISTAN, CHINA and Iran
israel and UAE are establishing Secret Intelligence Gathering Station in Socotra Island To Track and Monitor PAKISTAN, CHINA and Iran

As, israel is an arch enemy of PAKISTAN, after india, and it has a long history of providing all possible critical military assistance to all the enemies of PAKISTAN, including india, with a sole agenda to damage PAKISTAN right from the independence of the country, which dated back to 1947.

It is also pertinent to mention that israel was the third country, after india and USA, who tried to attack PAKISTAN on February 26 by conducting fake Balakot strike in PAKISTAN. The arch enemy of PAKISTAN, israel, has provided its lethal Spice-2000 Bombs to the indian air force for the proposed strike. The indian air force planned the Israeli-made Spice 2000 Bombs in the proposed Balakot strike, but it later failed miserably.

The Brave Falcons of PAKISTAN AIR FORCE (PAF) decided to take on india in the Broad Daylight and conduct various Strikes from its Jet in the illegally indian Occupied Jammu & Kashmir (iIOJ&K)

The Brave Falcons of PAKISTAN AIR FORCE successfully shot down indian air force SU-30MKI and MiG-21 Fighter Aircraft in an aerial battle. PAKISTAN has also taken indian wing commander Abhinandan as POW on that day before freeing him days later after intense hospitality and PAKISTANI Fantastic Tea. Later, PAF named the whole operation as “Operation Swift Retort.”

PAKISTAN ARMED FORCES successfully managed to humiliate all the glory, dignity, respect and honor of all the three countries, israel, india and USA, on the eve of Feb 27 Surprise day.

All the three countries were stunned, amazed and surprised by the response PAKISTAN ARMED FORCES have shown on the eve of Feb 27 Surprise Day.

Therefore, this Joint Secret Intelligence gathering Station of UAE and israel will pose a significant threat to the Security of Gwadar Port. The secret Intelligence gathering station can monitor all the major activities of Gwadar port and posed a threat to Gwadar Port, even though the station not operating at its full capacity.

So, Top level PAKISTANI Defense and Security Officials and Authorities are crystal clear that israel will also use the Secret Socotra Intelligence Gathering Station to monitor all the activities of PAKISTAN, CHINA and Iran under the facade of keeping an eye of Houthis Militants and Naval Activities of Iran.

In order to narrate the whole upcoming scenario, a Defense Analyst Haider Abbas said, “This rapidly changing scenario is altering the world situation as never before, as PAKISTAN which means CHINA, would now be under the israeli radars. If any sabotage is to happen at Gwadar then PAKISTAN-CHINA would blame israel and Gulf-states equally, hence, the relations of PAKISTAN with Gulf-states are going to be strained forever.”

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Another prominent Defense Expert from Qatar, Ibrahim Fraihat said, ‘This base can provide critical security services to the US regarding the CHINESE economic activity, especially its trade with Europe. Trump is engaged in a trade war with China and needs to monitor the Chinese commercial activities.”


Options for PAKISTAN To Secure Its Maritime Interest:

It is therefore vital for PAKISTAN to acquire modern technology and defense apparatus in order to ensure the safety and protection of its assets.

Moreover, by enhancing the capability and strength of its NAVAL POWER, PAKISTAN can put a full stop to all such hostile activities and it can also prove to be very beneficial for PAKISTAN’s Blue Economy as well.


It is an undeniable fact that safe and secure navigation of the trade is crucial for building both the NAVAL POWER Capabilities and geo-economic activities side by side.

Implementation of PAKISTAN Maritime Zones (PMZ) Act 2020:

PAKISTAN has also implemented the Maritime Zones (PMZ) Act 2020. After the implementation of the PAKISTAN Maritime Zone (PMZ) Act 2020, all the research activities and surveys have been strictly prohibited in the PAKISTAN’s Maritime Frontiers and there can be no unloading or loading of any person in the area. In case of any violation, the foreign ships would be seized immediately and the authorities can trial the guilty party with heavy fine penalty or a five-year imprisonment.

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