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TURKISH Aerospace Defense Giant TAI Opened First Office In PAKISTAN:

More Blessings for the Great PAKISTANI Nation and Defense Institutions, as another TURKISH Aerospace Giant TURKISH Aerospace Industries (TAI) opened its first office in PAKISTAN. The TURKISH Aerospace Industries (TAI) has opened its first office in National Science & Technology Park.

TURKISH Aerospace Industries LOGO
TURKISH Aerospace Industries (TAI) LOGO

The National Science & technology Park is PAKISTAN’s first ever Technology Park, which is expected to make the country’s Defense stronger by making advancements in technological development.

It is important to mention that TURKISH Aerospace Industries (TAI) is the largest Aerospace Company in Brotherly country TURKEY engaging in designing, development, manufacturing and integration of different complex Aerospace systems together.

We are the first TURKISH DEFENSE firm to open an office in PAKISTAN’s first Technopark,” TURKISH Aerospace Industries (TAI) Director for Marketing and Communication Serdar Demir said in a statement to TURKISH News Agency Anadolu (AA) on Tuesday.

PAKISTAN’s first ever National Science & Technology Park was inaugurated by the Premier of PAKISTAN and he also visited the office of TAI in the Technopark.

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Demir also said that the TURKISH Aerospace Industries (TAI) will also prepare the feasibility report to further explore the opportunities with different educational institutes of PAKISTAN.

To further expand multidimensional technological cooperation with the host country, TURKISH Aerospace Industries (TAI) has welcomed up to 15 students from PAKISTAN’s National University of Science and Technology (NUST).

“The students came to our company and received month long training, benefiting from the expertise of our engineers. With this project, we have taken future-oriented steps and brought together TURKISH and PAKISTANI youth who will be the decision-makers in future projects,” Serdar Demir further added.

“We informed the PAKISTANI prime minister about the cooperation opportunities and the projects that TAI aims to carry out in PAKISTAN. We are one of the six countries to have an office in PAKISTAN’s first Technopark,” TURKISH Aerospace Industries (TAI) Marketing and Communication Director Serdar Demir further added.

TURKISH Aerospace Industries (TAI) Communication and Marketing Director further revealed that his company is in negotiations with “PAKISTAN for the Procurement of other Defense Platforms in the near future.”

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It is worth mentioning that PAKISTAN has also given the contract for the procurement of state of the art 30 T-129 ATAK Gunship and reconnaissance Helicopters to TURKISH Aerospace Industries (TAI) back in July.

As per the contract details, the TAI is responsible to supply spare parts, logistics, training and logistics, training and ammunition of the T-129 ATAK Gunship and reconnaissance Helicopters.

As far as the domestic operations of the TAI is concerned, the TURKISH Aerospace Giant TURKISH Aerospace Industries (TAI) supplied first domestic Helicopter Engine T700-TEI-701D with the collaboration with  TURKEYs TUSAŞ Engine Industries (TEI).

It is worth mentioning that another TURKISH Defense Giant, ASELSAN (Askeri Elektronik Sanayi, Military Electronic Industries) also decided to open its regional office in PAKISTAN from 1st January, 2020. The TURKISH Aerospace Industries (TAI) would be the third Offshore Defense Giant to open its office in PAKISTAN after Italy’s Defense Firm Leonardo and TURKEY’s ASELSAN.

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