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Humiliated India Achieves another Milestone as US Refuses to Share any Data of PAKISTAN F-16’s Fighter Jet with the indi

Posted: Wed May 01, 2019 4:38 pm
by admin
It seems that the there is no limit for humiliation is left in this world for hindu banya. In a recent development, Washington has given a slap on the face of the indian as US refuses to share any sort of information with indians regarding the dogfight in the morning of 27th Feb, 2019 in which humiliated loses 2 of its best aircrafts and one of the aircraft is said to be india’s prime fighter jet Sukhoi SU-30MKI.

In the dogfight, indian air force also loses it all pride and dignity, if it had any. The US Official said that We will not be sharing any sophisticated information with the Indians regarding the PAKISTAN F-16’s, as it is a bilateral matter between the two countries as PAKISTAN and US and india is not a part of this matter by any means.

He also categorizes that US would also not provide any information regarding the latest warfare tools acquired by the indian air force as the transportation aircrafts and gunship chopper, as the matter is a bilateral between be the US and india.

The humiliated india had made a funny claim that the indian monkey Abhinandan had shot down a PAKISTANI F-16 during the dogfight between the 2 countries, before his own plane was shot shown by a PAKISTAN AIR FORCE state of the art missile.

However, this indian claim was turned down by the US officials after they counted all the PAKISTAN F-16’s on ISLAMABAD’s request. The US official after counting the PAKISTAN AIR FORCE’s F-16 said in a report that US counted all the PAF’s F-16 and found none a plane missing.

However, the humiliated india refuses to accept the US claim and still insists that it had shot down a PAF F-16’s in the dogfight, what else you can expect from the cow piss drink nation like this?

It is a bitter fact that PAF not only attacked the indian air force strike fighter, but it also shot down all the indian dignity on the 27th Feb, 2019 and the all world has now acknowledged this fact.