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Patriot Defenders Pack Lite


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Patriot Defenders Pack Lite:

The Patriot Defenders Pack Lite is another top of the line quality patriotic presentation of PAKDEFENSE and SARIYAA’S. The Patriot Defenders Pack Lite, as the name clearly indicates, is basically a pack of QUAID E AZAM Silver 3D Lapel Pin, Markhor Matt Golden 3D Lapel Pin, Shaheen AlQuds Copper 3D Lapel Pin, Zulfiqar Sword Gold 3D Lapel Pin.

All the Lapel Pins are made from the top of the line quality materials and are designed to place on nearly all forms of casual and formal dressings as the Caps, Hats, Coats, Shirts and so on. If you want to place an order of this top quality patriotic product, then all you have to do is to add the desired product in the cart and then you just have to enter your details required for shipping the product.

Additional Specifications of the Patriot Defenders Pack Lite:

  1. Top of the line Patriot Defenders Pack Lite
  2. Contains 4 different Lapel Pins
  3. Designed to use on Formal and Casual clothing
  4. Portable
  5. Lightweight

Package Contains:

1 x QUAID E AZAM 3D Lapel Pin Silver 3D

1 x Markhor 3D Matt Golden Lapel Pin

1 x Shaheen AlQuds 3D Lapel Pin

1 x Zulfiqar Sword Golden 3D Lapel Pin

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