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Shahpar Aluminum Tactical Pen:

The Shahpar Aluminum Tactical Pen is another top of the line self defense product offered by the PAKDEFENSE.OFFICIAL. The Shahpar Aluminum Tactical Pen, as the name indicates, although looks like the normal writing pen, but it is actually a tactical pen designed to protect the user from unpredictable situations.

The Shahpar Aluminum Tactical Pen is crafted from the durable aluminum and it is made from the durable Yawara Stick. The Yawara Stick is known for its durability and this is the reason that this stick is used on a regular basis in Japanese Martial Arts classes.

The Shahpar Aluminum Tactical Pen is a top of the line tactical pen that features the dedicated tactical light that can be used to illuminate the way, especially in those places where there is not sufficient light is present. The Shahpar Aluminum Tactical Pen saves you to additionally purchase the emergency light for your purpose.

The Shahpar Aluminum Tactical Pen also features the dedicated Emergency Glass Breaker Tool. The Glass Breaker Tool is very powerful and it can easily break the windshield of a vehicle, so you don’t have to worry about the quality of the product a bit.


The Shahpar Aluminum Tactical Pen comes with the extra battery and the refill. The one battery of the tactical pen can easily last for 6 months continuously and another battery can easily be used for another 6 months. It means that 2 batteries can be used for 12 months without any problems at all. The refill can also be replaced easily ad if you want to order more refills, then you can easily do so just by placing the order of one or more refill.

The Shahpar Aluminum Tactical Pen also accompanied by a long lasting and durable writing refill that allows the user to easily use the Shahpar Aluminum Tactical Pen as a normal writing pen on a paper. If you have made up your mind to purchase this top of the line tactical pen, then you can easily do so just by adding the product in the cart and then you just have to fill the order form that enable us to deliver your product to your desired address.

Additional Specifications of the Shahpar Aluminum Tactical Pen:

  1. Top quality Shahpar Aluminum Tactical Pen
  2. Made from Yawara Aluminum Stick
  3. Premium quality
  4. Sleek design
  5. Can easily fit in a shirt or trouser pocket
  6. State of the art self defense weapon
  7. Comes with the dedicated tactical flashlight
  8. Comes with the extra battery
  9. Comes with the extra refill
  10. Comes with the dedicated Glass Breaker Tool
  11. Features the durable writing refill
  12. Durable
  13. Reliable
  14. Portable
  15. Lightweight

Package Contains:

1 x Shahpar Aluminum Tactical Pen

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