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Warrior Battle Scarf


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Warrior Battle Scarf:

The Warrior Battle Scarf is another innovative, unique and versatile product presented to you by the PAKDEFENSE.COM. The Warrior Battle Scarf, as the name clearly indicates, is a wearable scarf that features different missile names, logo of PAKISTAN ARMY, logo of PAKISTAN Inter Services Intelligence (ISI),the logo of ISPR, logo of PAKISTAN NAVY, Logo of PAKISTAN AIR FORCE, Logo of PAKISTAN ARMY SPECIAL SERVICES GROUP (SSG) and it also portrays the different most deadly, courageous and successful missions carried out by the brave forces of this sacred land, PAKISTAN.

The Warrior Battle Scarf is designed to wear on neck, hand and arm. The Warrior Battle Scarf is crafted from the durable Drycool fabric and the Warrior Battle Scarf is also torture tested in order to ensure the reliability and durability of the product. All the diehard patriots can easily use this wearable scarf with nearly all forms of casual and formal clothing without any problems at all.


If you are interested to purchase this unique patriotic product, then all you have to do is to just add this product in the cart and then you just have to enter your details required for shipping. Our shipping department will leave no stone unturned to deliver you the desired product with minimal possible time span.

Just buy the Warrior Battle Scarf and show the love your true love, dedication, enthusiasm, passion and patriotism towards this great piece of land given by ALLAH ALMIGHTY named as the PAKISTAN . . .

Additional Specifications of the Warrior Battle Scarf:

  1. Top of the line wearable patriotic scarf
  2. Features name and logo’s of different defense institutes of PAKISTAN
  3. Made from the Drycool fabric
  4. Designed to wear on arms, neck and hand
  5. Torture Tested
  6. Lightweight
  7. Portable

Package Contains:

1 x Warrior Battle Scarf

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