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PAKDEFENSE.COM provides you the complete, comprehensive and up to date information related to PAKISTAN’S Defense, PAKISTAN Armed Forces, PAKISTAN Missile Program, PAKISTAN strategic affairs, World Defense Strategies and World strategic affairs.

We pride ourselves on offering unbiased, mature, critical and logical discussion among individuals of all different backgrounds and localities. PAKDEFENSE.COM was launched in January, 2018 and since then; the website has been growing into a professional and mature defense community.

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Due to the PAKDEFENSE’S Defense/Military centric and serious professional approach, we’ve succeeded in developed huge user base in such little span of time. We at the PAKDEFENSE.COM will continue to set a new level of standards that other defense related websites will force to adopt in the near future, INSHALLAH.

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PAKDEFENSE.COM provides leading PAKISTAN and international defense forums related to recent military, defense strategies and dynamic Geo-politic situation in an open and cordial environment.

The committed, hard working and dedicated team of the PAKDEFENSE.COM tries its level best to maintain the highest standards of quality as per the strict criteria according to our rule and regulations, so that our Defense website is noted for its un-biased approach, professionalism, maturity and emphasis on global military and strategic aspects.

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