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By using the service(s) provided by the World Wide Web of PAKDEFENSE.COM, you agree that this Privacy Policy and our Terms of Use govern your use of any service(s) provided by our World Wide Web. Please take a few minutes to read the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions listed on the website of the PAKDEFENSE.COM before registering or using any of the services provided by our website.


The World Wide Web of PAKDEFENSE.COM provides you the complete, comprehensive and up to date information related to PAKISTAN’S Defense, PAKISTAN Armed Forces, PAKISTAN Missile Program, PAKISTAN strategic affairs, World Defense Strategies and World strategic affairs. We pride ourselves on offering unbiased, mature, critical and logical discussion among individuals of all different backgrounds and localities.


The management of the PAKDEFENSE.COM is fully committed to completely protect the privacy of its members, visitors and all the users of our web based services. Please read the mentioned below privacy that how website treats the personal information processed or received about you when you visit the website of PAKDEFENSE.COM.

Please note that all the partners, affiliates and links of any other website published here may have a different privacy policy from ours in a part or as a whole. We are not responsible or cannot be held liable by any means for any type of privacy policy published by such websites. We recommended all the users to completely read the privacy policy of each website in detail to find out how they protect and treat your privacy and personal information.

Information That You Provide To Us:

  • We will collect all the data that you agree to provides us during registering for any service(s) provided by our website, or interact with other use of the service by the World Wide Web of PAKDEFENSE.COM. We may collect your first and last name, phone number, physical address, title, gender, email and demographic information. We may also ask you information about your preferences, hobbies, interests, preferences, likes and dislikes, but all the users can also bypass this information during register or using any of the services provided by our website. We use solely this information for the registration of any of the service(s) provided on our website and we may also collect your personal data to deliver any of the product(s) featured or listed on our website from time to time.
  • If you opt us to contact us via contact form or email, we will collect your name and email address, as well as any other detail or content included in the email that is required by us to give you proper feedback.
  • In the event you post any content on our website (such as audio, video, Images, comments or messages) in connection with your use of any service(s) provided on the World Wide Web of PAKDEFENSE.COM. All the information contained in your posting will be stored on our web servers and other users would be able to see it.
  • We may collect more information in the event you decide to participate in surveys that may provide to you by our website from time to time.
  • The World Wide Web of PAKDEFENSE.COM may also collect the other information when you decide to use the referral or sharing tools that may available within some of our Service(s) to forward the posted content or offers to your friends and affiliates.

Information Collected By Us Using Technology:

  • Information Collected By Our Servers:

In order to make useful or optimize the service(s) offered by the World Wide Web of PAKDEFENSE.COM, our web servers (which may be hosted on third party service providers) may collect more information about you, including the type of operating system, type of browser, domain name, Internet Protocol (IP) address and the stamp for time/date for your visit or use of any service(s) provided by the World Wide Web of PAKDEFENSE.COM.

  • Log Files:

Like most websites, the World Wide Web of PAKDEFENSE.COM may collect or gather some information about you automatically that may store it in log files. This information may include the type of Internet Service Provider (ISP), browser type, Internet Protocol Address, operating system type and exit/referring pages. The World Wide Web of PAKDEFENSE.COM may use all or any of the information to analyze or administer the service(s) provided by our website, and to analyze the trends around the services provided by our website, to gather the demographic information to analyze or track our user base, and to improve or optimize the service(s) and product(s) provided by our World Wide Web to meet the expectations /desires of our user’s base. The World Wide Web of PAKDEFENSE.COM does not link any of the automatically collected information(s) or data except as noted in our privacy policy.

  • Cookies:

Cookies are basically the set of small files that may store on your PC physical drive while you are visiting or using any of the services of the website. The World Wide Web of PAKDEFENSE.COM may also use the both persistent cookies (which stored on your computer till you manually delete them) and session cookies (which expires automatically when you close your web browser) to provide the interactive user experience and to make our services more user friendly. We use and store this kind of information to optimize the service(s) of our website to meet the desires and expectation of our user’s base. In the event you do not accept the cookies, you might not be able to visit or access the certain areas, portions of the World Wide Web of PAKDEFENSE.COM.

  • Contact Form:

The World Wide Web of the PAKDEFENSE.COM uses the contact form plugin for the submission of a question, request or query. We don’t use any of the information of the contact form for any type of marketing, promotional or other activities.

  • Embedded Content:

The World Wide Web of the PAKDEFENSE.COM may use the embedded audio, video content from different website(s) or service(s) from time to time.

  • Pixel Tags:

The World Wide Web of PAKDEFENSE.COM may also use the special small pieces of code called the ‘clear gifs’ or ‘pixel tags’ to anonymously collect and aggregate certain advertising methods or responses. Pixel Tags may recognize certain types of information, such as a description of the page, date and time of a page view and the cookie number where the pixel tag is placed. The Pixel Tags may also be used to deliver the certain cookies that conform the terms and conditions mentioned in our Cookies Policy.

  • Flash Local Shared Object (LSOs):

When the management of PAKDEFENSE.COM posts certain audio video content, third parties may use certain LSOs or Flash Cookies to store your selections to personalize the certain video features as per your preferences. Flash Cookies are much different from the browser cookies because the method, type and amount of data stored by these type of cookies. The Cookie Management tool(s) that may provided by your internet browser will not remove the Flash Cookies. To learn and manage the storage settings and privacy for Flash Cookies, please click here

  • Advertising on Third-Party Websites, Networks and Ad Networks:

The World Wide Web of PAKDEFENSE.COM may partner with third parties websites or networks to manage our advertising on the services and the third-party websites, which may include tracking or serving advertisements on or relating to the service(s). The World Wide Web of PAKDEFENSE.COM may use the following data, either combined or separately:

  • Data from the advertising technologies on and off our service(s), like pixels, web beacons, cookies, ad tags, device identifiers and cookies
  • Visitor or Subscriber-provided information
  • Data from the use of the services (type of browser, hashed data, geographic location, date and time stamp, information about your interactions with other content and advertisement)
  • Information from our advertising partners. Our advertising networks, ad networks and partners may user certain cookies, web beacons and other technology to track the browsing experience and certain activities about the users of our World Wide Web. For instance, in the event of serving certain advertisement by our advertisement partner(s) or affiliate(s) to track or analyze the users browsing behavior or your use of the service(s). In order to serve or show the advertisement to the users, an ad server or advertiser may also be able to collect your personal information through your device’s identifier. In the majority of cases, this information could solely be used to show you different advertisements on other websites based on your likes and interests
  • In the event you do not want this information used by any of third parties or affiliate(s) used by the World Wide Web of PAKDEFENSE.COM to show/serve you the interest-based ads, please do not use any of the service(s) of our website
  • Analytics:

The World Wide Web of PAKDEFENSE.COM uses the analytic service providers as Google Analytics that may use certain Cookies to collect data or information such as how often users visit the certain pages or service(s), what pages they visit frequently and from what other websites they are coming to our service(s). The management of the World Wide Web of PAKDEFENSE.COM solely uses this information to improve our quality of services. The analytics service providers do not save any of your information except the Internet Protocol Address that is assigned to you on the date you visit the service(s) of our World Wide Web. The World Wide Web of PAKDEFENSE.COM does not combine or store any of the information or data generated through the use of analytics service providers. All the cookies placed and used by the analytic service provider cannot be used by any third party except the analytic service provider itself.

  • Location Information:

Some of the mobile apps of our World Wide Web may deliver the specialized content based on your current locations. The mobile apps will only use the feature if you choose to enable the feature in the app. In the event you enable the location-based feature, the mobile apps will use your current locations which will be then stored on your device, and later it will be used by the apps. If you allowed the app to enable the location based searches, then we will store that particular information on our servers. If somehow, you don’t allow, or enable the location-based service, or the mobile app does not offer such features, the app will not transmit/send any data to use,  and we will not collect or store the information about your location.


If user(s) has any questions, queries, recommendation or suggestions, then they can easily contact us just by using the contact form provided on our website.


All the registered users of the World Wide Web of PAKDEFENSE.COM can upload/share text, audio and video content by using our service(s). All the media files uploaded by users are usually publically accessible.

Information from Social Networking Websites:

All the users of World Wide Web of PAKDEFENSE.COM can access various social networks posting platforms and sharing tools through the service(s) that are operated by third parties website. Such third party websites may collect some information about you, including your device, type of browser and uses it own tracking technologies and follow their own separate privacy policy, which may differ from ours partially or as a whole.

Other Third Parties:

The World Wide Web of PAKDEFENSE.COM may also receive some anonymous or personal information about you from the third party websites/services that offer their particular product(s) or service(s) through our services and / or companies. These third party websites may send us your personal data. The World Wide Web of PAKDEFENSE.COM may also add this personal information to the existing information we had or collected from you in order to improve the quality of service that we offer to you.


The World Wide Web of PAKDEFENSE.COM uses all the data or information to optimize and personalize the service(s), so the information provided by us can be more useful and relevant to you and others, including as follows:

Provide and Manage the Service(s) you Request:

We gather or collect all the information about you solely to personalize the service(s) of our World Wide Web and to fulfill your request for certain product(s) and service(s) listed on our website, such as: allowing you to download e-books, enabling you to participate in online communities and forums, enabling you to participate in polls and other events.

The service(s) of the World Wide Web of PAKDEFENSE.COM allows the user to become well-aware about the recent and up to date events, happenings and news. We may also use the information that we hold about you to recommend you the useful or relevant content on our services. We may also use your personal information to respond and resolve any queries, complaints and service issues.

To Contact You:

The World Wide Web of PAKDEFENSE.COM may contact you with certain promotions and offers about the service and affiliates, including online surveys, new features and other important information.

Customize your Experience:

We may use the information collected from you to allow the third party advertising websites and their affiliates to target the user base for which such advertisement information is more relevant. We may also use this data to customize or personalize the certain feature of our service(s) to make it more relevant and useful for you.

To Better Understand Our Readers and Users:

We may also perform the marketing, demographic and statistical analyses of all the users that are using our service(s), to improve the quality of our services, customer relationships and to better serve and understand our users based on their interests and browsing experience.

Relevant Advertising:

We serve our users with tailored ads both off and on our service(s). We may use the preference information, demographic to facilitate the delivery of targeted advertisement, offers and promotions. It means that all the users will only see the advertisement that is more useful and relevant to them. All the users of our World Wide Web can have choices regarding personalized ads, but they cannot opt-out of seeing the ads that are provided by third party advertisement websites and their affiliates.

We may transmit the information about your browsing experience use of service(s) to the third parties websites in order to show you the most relevant and useful advertisement based on your interest. If you want more information about our targeted advertising, please click here.

To Protect the Rights of the Services and Others:

We may use all your information partially or as a whole as we believe is necessary to enforce, protect or defend the safety, privacy, legal rights and to comply with applicable law. We may also use your information at your direction and with your consent.



If you decided to register and use our service(s), we may disclose your personal data or personally identifiable information to the affiliates for administrative purpose and internal management only.

In the future, we may buy, sell, partner or merge with other businesses or companies. In that case, we may include your information among the transferred assets in such transaction.

Service Providers:

We may contract other companies to offer service(s), product(s) or function(s) on our behalf, including the email distribution, ad serving, promotions management or analytics. We will only provide the companies with the information that they need to perform their activities to provide services. These service providers agree to maintain the secrecy of all your personally identifiable information and they are bound not to use your personal information other than the purpose(s) which we have render their services or hired them. These service providers are restricted to sell, share or resell any of our user’s data solely for their own benefit or marketing purposes.

Law Enforcement:

The management of the World Wide Web of PAKDEFENSE may disclose the information we stored or maintained when it is required to do so for any law, for instance, in response to a court order. The management of the World Wide Web of PAKDEFENSE may also reveal the personal information of the user at the request of a particular law enforcement agency.

Business Partners:

The World Wide Web of PAKDEFENSE.COM may also share your personal information with our business affiliates and partners to fulfill requests and obligations in connection with the continuity of the service(s). The disclosure and use of information that we collect and share with such third party service(s) applies to their own privacy policy which may be differ from ours in partially or as a whole.


All the data provided by the user(s) of PAKDEFENSE.COM which may include, names, numbers, physical address, IP address, demographic location are stored on our servers for lifetime. We stored this information just to contact our customers in the future if they decide to shop from our website again.


All the user(s) can easily modified or change the information provided to us, but they cannot delete it themselves.


The World Wide Web of PAKDEFENSE.COM is fully committed to protect the privacy of all of its customers. For this reason, our website uses the Trusted SSL certificate that encrypts all the data received and transmit between users and our website. Encryption is basically a process of converting the data to a particular form or shape that makes it almost impossible by a third party website to recognize,  view or intercept the processed information linked to our website.


Any or all of our service(s) may contain links to the third-party websites, service(s) and their affiliates. In a event you click on a particular link provided by such third party websites, you will instantly leave our service(s) and redirected to the another website or service(s). Such third party networks and service(s) have their own privacy policy which may differ from ours and such third-party websites may collect your information as per mentioned in their privacy policy.

 We do not review, have not control, and cannot be held responsible by any means whatsoever for the content posted or gathered by such outside or third-party websites. Please be aware that the terms of the privacy policy do not apply to the privacy policies mentioned on such third-party websites. We recommend you to first read all the terms of the privacy policy listed on such third-party websites. All the links mentioned on such third-party websites are for your convenience and we don’t backed the content, including the products and services posted on such third-party websites.


  • The World Wide Web of PAKDEFENSE.COM has a robust and an effective process to assess and analyze the likely risks of data breaching. We also have a robust process to notify the affected customer(s) or parties which may be affected by such data breach
  • We know the concerned staff or team to contact if any data breach occurs
  • When a data breach poses a high risk to right and freedom of the user, we will inform the affected user(s) about the possible outcome of that data breach
  • It is the policy of the World Wide Web of PAKDEFENSE.COM to record all the data breaches, even in the case that breach do not pose a high threat or do not need to be reported.


The World Wide Web of PAKDEFNESE.COM is not engaged or associated with any kind of manufacturing industry. We are only associated with the trading activities in which we customer(s) give order of their desired product and we deliver the product to customers at their doorstep.

What Automated Decision making and / or profiling we Do with User Data?

The World Wide Web of PAKDEFENSE.COM does not uses any type of profiling or automated decision making.


The privacy policy of the World Wide Web of PAKDEFENSE.COM may be changed or updated from time to time. If we decide to change the some clause(s) or the complete privacy policy, we will post the recent changes here. If you decide to use our services shall indicate your acknowledgement of all the changes made by us and you are also agreeing to bind with the old and new terms mentioned in the privacy policy. However, if you do not agree to any one or all the terms of our privacy policy, we would recommend to immediately discontinue the use of our service(s).

13. WooCommerce:

The World Wide Web of PAKDEFENSE.COM uses the WooCommerce plugin to deliver the different products at your doorstep. For this purpose, we store your personal information as your name, physical address, telephone number, email, IP address, demographic. We use all this information just to deliver the product at your desired address.


While you visit our website, we’ll track:

  • List of the recently viewed product
  • Type of Browser, Location and IP Address: we use this information for estimating the shipping charges
  • Shipping address: We may ask you to provide your complete physical address, so we can ship your desired product at your desired address. We may also use this information to estimate the complete shipping charges

The World Wide Web of PAKDEFENSE.COM also uses the cookies to track the contents of your cart while you’re browsing our website.

In an event you decide to place an order on our website, we may ask you to provide the correct information, including your name, email address, shipping address, phone number and optional account information like username and password. We will use all the information for different purposes, such as, to:

  • Update you the recent status of your order
  • Respond to the requests initiated by you, including the complaints, returns and refunds
  • To process the payment and to minimize the chances of possible fraud, if any
  • Set up your account for our store
  • Comply with certain legal obligations we have, such as calculating the taxes
  • Send you the newsletter and marketing messages, if you opt to receive them
  • Improve our online shop offerings

If you create an account by using our service(s), we will store your detail, including your name, contact number, email address, IP address, shipping address. All of the information will be used to process the checkout for future orders.

The World Wide Web of PAKDEFNSE.COM will generally store all the information about you as long as we need the information for the different purposes, for which we collect the information and use it. We solely use this information to furnish the requests generated by you during placing an order on our website.

The World Wide Web of PAKDEFENSE.COM will also store the reviews or comments generated by the user(s), if you choose to leave them.


Members of our team have complete access to the information provided by you. These members may include the Administrator and Shop Manager and these members can access:

  • All the information of the purchased order like when the particular product was purchased and where it should be delivered.
  • Other customer information like your name, billing information, email address and shipping information

Our team members have access to this information to furnish all the order requests generated by the user. It may also include the return and refund the desired product.


We share the user’s data, but may not be limited to, marketing, analytics, third party embed, delivery persons and so on.

17. Akismet:

The World Wide Web of the PAKDEFENSE.COM collects the information about the visitors of our websites that use our Akismet anti-spam service. All the information we collect depends on the customization, but it may also include the other names as the name, email address, username, Site URL, IP Address, User Agent and Referrer.

18. WP Smush:

The World Wide Web of PAKDEFENSE uses the WordPress Plugin named as WP Smush. The basic purpose of this plugin is to optimize the images of posts, pages and products and it doesn’t interact with the end user of the website by any means or so. The one and only input the plugin offers is the newsletter subscription of the Website Administrators only and it doesn’t affect the end users of the World Wide Web of PAKDEFENSE.COM by any means or so.

Sometimes, the plugin WP Smush transfers images to the server just to optimize them for web use. This also includes the transfer of EXIF data. All the EXIF data will either be returned or stripped to its original forms and it is not stored on the server.

The WP Smush Plugin uses a third-party email service (Drip) to send different types of informational electronic mails to the site administrator. The Electronic Email address of the Website Administrator is sent to the Drip and a unique cookie is set by the service. Drip only collects the information of Website Administrator only and it doesn’t affect the privacy of end users.

19. WP Image Zoom:

This sample language basically gathers/collects the personal data that you may be collecting, sharing and storing, and it may also include the users who have access to the data. The specific information shared by your online eCommerce store may vary and may not only limited to only the configurations of additional plugins and the different setting which user enabled on the website. We recommend to render the services of a qualified lawyer on deciding what type of information you have to disclose on your privacy policy.