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CHINA Warns Off US Warships From Illegally Trespassing Inside Legal CHINESE Maritime Frontiers Of South CHINA Sea:

PAKISTAN Iron Brother CHINA has warned off a US USS John S. McCain Arleigh Burke-Class Guided Missile Warship for illegally trespassing inside CHINESE Legal Maritime Frontiers of the South CHINA Sea.

CHINA To Forcefully Expel indian navy Warships From The South CHINA Sea
CHINA To Forcefully Expel indian navy Warships From The South CHINA Sea

The US Warship USS John S. McCain starts sailing in the legal maritime Frontiers of South CHINA Sea without the prior Permission from the concerned CHINESE Authorities.

“The USS John S. McCain broke into CHINA’s Xisha territorial waters without the permission of the CHINESE Government,” Beijing Military said in an official statement.

In order to stop the provocation of the US Guided Missile Destroyer, the PEOPLE’s LIBERATION ARMY NAVY (PLAN) organized NAVAL and AIR FORCES to Timely Track, Monitor and Warn Off the US Warship from illegally sailing inside CHINESE Territory of South CHINA Sea.

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CHINESE Navy Forcefully Expelled US Navy Warship USS Bary from South CHINA Sea
CHINESE Navy Forcefully Expelled US Navy Warship from South CHINA Sea

According to the details, the USS John S. McCain, an Arleigh Burke Class-Destroyer, conducted an illegal routine transit through the legal Maritime Frontiers separating CHINESE Territory of Taiwan and Mainland, which is the legal acclaimed of PAKISTAN Iron Brother CHINA.

The South CHINA Sea, including the Parcel Islands, is the legal maritime territories of PAKISTAN Iron Brother CHINA.

The CHINESE Military has blasted the US for a deliberate attempt to violate the CHINESE Sovereignty that could have serious repercussions for the regional peace as a whole.

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The United States Navy has previously sent an aircraft carrier group into the South CHINA Sea for a so called ‘freedom of navigation exercise’ in late January. This mark its first ever routine operation after Biden administration sworn in.

After the provocation moves by the United States, CHINA has significantly stepped up its diplomatic, economic and military pressure on Taiwan.

The United States on the other hand, is trying hard to disturb the regional peace with such moves. CHINA has repeatedly warned US illegal actions from time to time by warning US navy from refrained from illegally sailing inside CHINESE Maritime Territories.

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