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Sikhs Raised PAKISTAN ZINDABAD Slogans, As Baba Guru Nanak’s Death Anniversary Observation Concludes:

Festivities regarding the 480th death anniversary of Baba Guru Nanak came to an end, as Sikh community from all over the world appreciate PAKISTAN’s arrangements and raised PAKISTAN ZINDABAD slogans.


Sikh pilgrims from far flung areas of the Canada, the UK, Australia, US and india came to PAKISTAN to pay their respects. Sikh community also appreciates the initiative of PAKISTAN for building the Kartarpur corridor, which will enable the Sikh community to pay a visit at their Holy Site at the time of their choice.

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The Leader of Sikh Community Rana Ranjeet Singh thanked the Armed forces and the Government of PAKISTAN for the Kartarpur corridor initiative.

The Leader of Sikh community also lauded the Sacrifices and Efforts of PAKISTAN’s Armed Forces and Civilians in the ongoing war of terrorism. 

The Sikh Leader vows that with the Prayers and Support of the Nation, PAKISTAN ARMED FORCES can easily defeat the menace of Terrorism from the Holy Country of PAKISTAN.

Notably, Sikh community also lashes out the actions of coward indian security forces in the indian occupied Kashmir and they fully endorsed the PAKISTAN’s stance on the core issue of Kashmir.

During the occasion, the Sikh Community Leader said, “Kartarpur Corridor Project is a milestone in pursuance of the goal of religious harmony.”

Sikh participants from across globe who came to pay a visit to their Holy Site were gifted with several gifts, including the sweetened traditional mouth fresher of Paan.

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It is important to mention that PAKISTAN had made extra ordinary steps in to facilitate the participation of Sikh community on the 480th Death Anniversary of Baba Guru Nanak in Nankana Saheb, Punjab, PAKISTAN.

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