Filthy And Swine altaf hussain Is Selling mqm Secretariat to Raise Money For Court Trial:

The filthy and swine mqm founder, who is also known as the pet dog of filthy indian agencies, is selling his London secretariat to raise money for the court trial in London for the charges of terrorism. The filthy and swine altaf hussain has long been on the pay role of the filthy indian and other Anti-PAKISTAN agencies to spread anarchy and terrorism in the country.

filthy and swine altaf hussain mqm head
filthy and swine mqm head altaf hussain

The trial of filthy and swine altaf hussain is due to start on June 1, where the indian pet dog will try to defend his filthy position.

The swine and filthy altaf hussain was arrested back on June 11, 2019 during a raid at his London house for inciting violence in PAKISTANI Harbor City of Karachi by a raw and indian sponsored speech back in 2016.

The London police has said in an official statement that the swine and filthy mqm head altaf hussain was arrested on the charges of intentionally encouraging or assisting offences contrary to Section 44 (intentionally encouraging or assisting an offence) of the Serious Crime Act 2007.

The filthy and swine altaf hussain is directly responsible for the target killings of thousand of Innocent PAKISTANI Citizens on the behest of the filthy raw and other Anti-PAKISTAN hostile agencies

The London secretariat was being used as the main hq of the filthy mqm to spread terrorism, anarchy and turmoil in different PAKISTANI cities.

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It is a saying that filth will always remain the filth and this statement comes true on the filthy and swine altaf hussain for his duties as a pet dog of india.

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