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PAKISTAN ARMY Likely To Buy CHINESE Z-10ME Attack Helicopters Over Double Standard and Biased Approach of US:

PAKISTAN ARMY is interested in buying CHINESE M-10ME Attack Helicopters for its fleet after the deal of TURKISH DEFENSE PRODUCTS and US Bell AH-1Zs Attack Helicopter jeopardized due to US double standard, biased approach and the embargo.

CHINESE Z-10ME Attack Helicopters
CHINESE Z-10ME Attack Helicopter

PAKISTAN has ordered a total number of 30 numbers of T-129 Attack Helicopters from its Iron Brother TURKEY back in 2018 for a whopping amount of 1.5 Billion USD. The T-129 Attack Helicopters deal is halted due to the export of US-built LHTEC T800 engines after the US sanctions. The sale of the T-129 Helicopters will be considered as a breach of US sanctions, which one again exposed the double standard of US toward PAKISTAN.

Moreover, PAKISTAN was also set to receive 12 numbers of 12 US Bell AH-1Zs under the USA Foreign Military Sales process by 2020. However, the delivery of both variants of the Helicopters jeopardized after the us president cuts security funding to PAKISTAN.

The Double Standard and Biased Approach of the Unisted States is now pushing ISLAMABAD to consider alternatives to replace the ageing fleet of its Cobra AH-1Fs Helicopters, which have been in service for more than past three decades or so.  

Elaborating the limitations of the Cobra AF-1Hs Attack Helicopters, the predecessor of PAKISTAN ARMY Commander ARMY Aviation Major general Syed Najeeb Ahmed, Major General Nasir told Defense Media back in 2018 that American Cobra AF-1Zs Attack helicopter cannot be used for high-altitude operations.

“The AH-1 helicopters have provided effective close support for our ground forces engaged in counterinsurgency [COIN] operations, but they cannot be employed effectively in high-altitude operations above 8,000 ft.” Former Commander ARMY Aviation Major General Nasir told Media.

In a bid, the PAKISTAN ARMY Commander ARMY Aviation Major General Syed Najeeb Ahmed told the International Military Helicopters Conference held in the UK.

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“We are looking at other options. One of them is in CHINA in the shape of the new attack helicopter they have created called the Z-10ME,” PAKISTAN ARMY Commander ARMY Aviation Major general Syed Najeeb Ahmed said during the International Military Conference.

Z-10ME Attack Helicopter Fully Armed
Z-10ME Attack Helicopter Fully Armed

It is pertinent to mention that PAKISTAN ARMY had evaluated the earlier version of the Z-10 Attack Helicopters couple of years ago, but PAKISTAN ARMY Commander ARMY Aviation Major general Syed Najeeb Ahmed said that the CHINESE Engineers have made significant advancement, upgradation and improvement in the overall avionics, systems and Armament of the Helicopter.

As far as the TURKISH T-129 Attack Helicopter is concerned; the TURKEY is considering to replace the existing US-built LHTEC T800 engines with the domestically developed TS1400 Turboshaft Engine. PAKISTAN has also extended the delivery Timeline of the T-129 Helicopters up to one year due to this reason.

“In case the first two options do not materialize this third option will be considered,” PAKISTAN ARMY Commander ARMY Aviation Major general Syed Najeeb Ahmed further added in his statement.

The Commander ARMY Aviation Major general Syed Najeeb Ahmed is doubtful about the timely delivery of the T-129 Attack Helicopter even replacing the engine with TURKISH domestic engine and He is also doubtful that the deal of AH-1Z can go through with US due to its double standards and biased approach of the United States towards PAKISTAN.

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Z-10ME Attack Helicopter
Z-10ME Attack Helicopter Scale Model

PAKISTAN has set a deadline for July, 2020 to make a final decision for its Attack Helicopters. india has also cut the defense deal for the fleet of Apache AH-64E Helicopter and PAKISTAN has to find a way or another to match the capability of Apache Helicopters.

The Cobras are no match for the Apaches that the indians are getting,” he says. “We definitely want to match that [capability].” Commander ARMY Aviation Major general Syed Najeeb Ahmed said.

It is important to mention that PAKISTAN ARMY is the only country in the World, which is using the best finest combination of CHINESE, Russian, Western and US Attack Helicopters in its arsenal.

PAKISTAN ARMY ordered the Russian Mi-35s Attack helicopters from Russia, which was delivered to the country in 2017. Furthermore, PAKISTAN ARMY Aviation also evaluated the other variants of Attack Helicopters as TURKISH T-129 Attack Helicopters, CHINESE Z-10 Attack Helicopters and US AH-1Zs Attack Helicopters.

Upgraded And Advanced CHINESE M-10ME Attack Chopper:

PAKISTAN Iron Brother and All-weather Friend CHINA has showcased the modified and advanced version of CHINESE Z-10ME Helicopter to the world back in late 2018. The picture shows the CHINESE Z-10ME painted in a desert camouflage pattern having serial number “Z10ME001” on the tail. The prototype of the Z-10ME looks like the previous Z-10 mainly in design though.

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CHINESE Z-10ME Attack Hecliopter for PAKISTAN ARMY
CHINESE Z-10ME Attack Heclicopter for PAKISTAN ARMY

CHINESE Defense Engineers, Scientists and Technicians have made Significant and fundamental changes in the Helicopter to boost its overall capacity, capability, agility and firepower.

CHINESE Scientists have installed a new engine in the Z-10ME variant that fundamentally help to increase the maximum power of the Z-10ME Attack Helicopter from 935 Kilowatts to 1200 Kilowatts in total.

The new modified and advanced version of the Z-10ME Attack Helicopter is an all-weather Attack Helicopter and it can be used for Desert and Sea Warfare with ease.

The advanced and upgraded version of CHINESE Z-10ME Attack Chopper comes with the heavier armor and most advanced and sophisticated electrical systems that made Z-10ME a more lethal helicopter in the market. A number of different countries of the world also showed their keen interest in the Z-10ME Attack Chopper.

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