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PAKISTAN Extends The Defense Contract For T129 ATAK Helicopters By One year:

The President of TURKEY’s Defense Industries (SSB) Dr Ismail has said in a press conference that PAKISTAN ARMY has extended the delivery timeline for the procurement of 30 T129 ATAK Helicopters by one year.

T129 ATAK Helicopter PAKISTAN
T129 ATAK Helicopter PAKISTAN

The President of TURKEY’s Defense Industries (SSB) Dr Ismail has made this announcement in a press conference on Monday, 6th January 2020.

Earlier in July 2018, PAKISTAN had initially sealed a contract with its Iron Brother TURKEY for the procurement of 30 numbers of state of the art T129 ATAK Gunship and Reconnaissance Helicopters for the whopping amount of $1.5 Billion US. According to the Contract, the TURKEY’s main defense supplier of T129 ATAK Helicopters TURKISH Aerospace Industries (TAI) will also provide the training, logistics, maintenance and various munitions for the Helicopters.

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Since, TURKEY has signed the multi-billion dollars Defense Deal with Russia for the procurement of State of the Art S-400 Air Defense Missile System; the US is deliberately delaying the export permit to TURKEY for the export of T129 ATAK Helicopters.

The recent press conference of President of TURKEY’s Defense Industries, Dr. Ismail Demir comes after the certainty looming the delivery of 30 T129 ATAK helicopters to PAKISTAN.

The chief reason behind that uncertainty that US has yet not released the export permit for T129 ATAK Helicopter LHTEX T800-4A Turboshaft Engine, which is also in line with the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) regulatory regime.

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However, President of TURKEY’s Defense Industries (SSB) Dr Ismail has further said in his press conference that the Top-Ranking Senior Officials of both PAKISTAN and TURKEY are now making efforts to pressurize the US, after which the deliveries can be proceed as per the changed schedule.

However, if all the efforts of PAKISTAN and TURKEY senior officials failed, then TURKEY will offer PAKISTAN its domestically developed TS1400 Turboshaft Engine so that the deliveries could be complete as per the Schedule.

It is worth noted that TURKEY had earlier began on the development of TS1400 Turboshaft Engines back in 2017 and it is expected for the induction and mass production by the year around 2025.

The Top Defense Analysts are predicting that in case the deal does not proceed well, the PAKISTAN ARMY will have the option to collaborate with PAKISTAN AIR FORCE (PAF) to start the local production of Attack helicopters to fulfill its growing needs and this step will also support PAKISTAN’s goal for self reliance in defense needs.

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