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All the Praise to ALLAH ALMIGHTY as the Newly Merged South Waziristan’s Wana Gets First-Ever Police Station:

ALHAMDULLILAH, By the Grace of ALLAH ALMIGHTY and the efforts of the Diehard PATRIOTS, the newly Merged FATA area of South Waziristan’s Wana gets its first-ever Police Station. The Wana Police Station was set-up at the Wana Fort which was previously being used by the Frontier Corps.

Wana Police Station Inauguration
DPO Attiq Wazir During the Inauguration Ceremony of South Waziristan’s Wana Police Station

The Inauguration ceremony was attended by the high profile Dignitaries from both the Civil and Armed Forces of PAKISTAN.

Some of the prominent dignitaries included the Commandant South Waziristan Scouts, District Police Officer (DPO) Attiq Wazir, Assistant Commissioner Wana Amir Nawaz and other Senior Tribal Elders were also present at the inauguration ceremony.

The Wana Police Station was formally inaugurated and handover to the Police Department by the Commandant South Waziristan Scouts Colonel Ijaz.

The rank of the first-ever Station Head Officer (SHO) of the newly established Wana Police Station was given to the MUHAMMAD Ali Khan.

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The newly established Wana Police Station was established in a bid to improve the law and order situation after its merger with the Province of KPK (Kyber Pakhtunkhwa).

The recent movement of establishing the Wana Police Station comes after the deployment of Traffic Police in Wana in a bid to improve the law and order situation in the region.

The newly established Wana Police Station is located in the main bazaar of Wana and on the occasion the DPO Attiq Wazir said the location of the Wana Police Station makes it easy for the police to quickly respond to any crime or incident area quickly.

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Initially, the Wana Police Station is deployed with 30 Policemen and the number of Personnel will be increase with the passage of time.

The newly established Wana Police Station will help to provide swift and speedy justice to the Citizens of Wana, after the draconian law of the Frontier Crime Regulation which was abolished by the 25th Constitutional Amendment in the Country.

Moreover, the Government of KPK also passed an ordinance from the KPK Legislative Assembly to merge the already working Levies Force and Khasadar Force with the newly Police Department of the region.

The KPK Police Department also announced that they will provide better training and equipment to the Levies Force and Khasadar Force to make them a valuable asset of the Department.

It is important to mention that the Home Department and KPK Police Department had moved a summary to establish at least one Police Station in every sub-division of the tribal district and about 25 Police Stations would be established in the Newly Merged Tribal Areas.

This is a very Great News as the PRO PAKISTAN tribes from the region can also enjoy the same facilities and security as the other PAKISTANI Citizens enjoyed in different parts of the Country.

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