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Joint Media Briefing Session On Sea Guardians 2020 Exercise Held At Karachi:

The Joint Media Briefing regarding the PAKISTAN CHINA Bilateral Naval Exercise Sea Guardians 2020 for the Representative of both the Countries held at Karachi, PAKISTAN NAVY Spokesperson Rear Admiral Arshid Javed said in a Twitter statement.

PAKISTAN NAVY’s Commodore Raja Rab Nawaz from PAKISTAN Side and Captain Zhou Han Wen from CHINA briefed the audience and media representatives about the theme, objective, aim and contours of the Bilateral Naval Exercise Sea Guardians 2020.

During addressing the audience, the PAKISTAN NAVY Commodore Raja Rab Nawaz stated that PAKISTAN is a responsible state and its role is very significant due to its Geo-strategic location. PAKISTAN has substantially high stakes in the regional maritime domain.

All the maritime interests of PAKISTAN lie in crime free and safer sea area rooted into three realities:

  1. Operationalization of Multi-Billion Dollars CHINA PAKISTAN Economic Corridor (CPEC) Project
  2. Extraordinary dependence on the maritime routes for trade
  3. Strategic location along the global energy highway of the world

All these realities make the make the maritime safety and security as the top agenda pertaining to our national security. PAKISTAN believes that maritime security and safety is important not for PAKISTAN only, but for all those countries whose progress and prosperity are strongly tied with the sea routes.

The PAKISTAN NAVY Commodore Raja Rab Nawaz further said that PAKISTAN and CHINA being the Iron Brothers, share common interest and understanding on the various international and regional issues.

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During the occasion, the Commodore expresses hope that the ongoing 6th edition of the Bilateral Naval Exercise Sea Guardians 2020 will further help to augment the decades long time-tested and all weather friendly relationships between the two countries.

Speaking on the occasion, the Captain from PLA(N) Zhou Han Wen stated that the main purpose of the exercise is to further strengthen the time-tested and all weather CHINA PAKISTAN strategic partnership to all new heights of glory. 

The Captain Zhou from PLA(N) further said that Bilateral Naval Exercise Sea Guardians 2020 aimed at enhancing the Hybrid Warfare and Sub-Conventional Warfare capabilities of both the Navies to jointly deal the menace of Terrorism and Crime at sea to promote the safe and secure maritime environment for PAKISTAN CHINA and other peaceful countries.

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Briefing about the history of the Sea Guardians 2020 exercise, the Commodore Raja Rab Nawaz Said that Sea Guardians is a Bilateral Naval Exercise started in 2014. The exercise is conducted each year alternately in the maritime frontiers of PAKISTAN and CHINA.

The recent 6th edition of the Sea Guardians 2020 exercise being conducted from 6 – 14 January 2020. During the exercise, both PAKISTAN and CHINA will use their State of the Art Frontline Destroyers, Frigates, Fast Attack Missile Crafts, along with the Sub-surface and Aerial assets in the exercise.

Furthermore, the Naval Special Operation Forces of PAKISTAN NAVY and CHINESE PLA(N) will take part in the exercise Sea Guardians 2020.

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The SOF of both PAKISTAN and CHINA would conduct advanced level joint maneuvers and tactical drills to deal with the threats of Hybrid Warfare and Sub-conventional threats at sea.

On the sidelines of the Bilateral Naval Exercise Sea Guardians 2020, both the countries will share their perspective and experience by holding different social gatherings, Seminars, Demonstrations, Joint Training Sessions and Table Top Discussions.

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