Bilateral Annual Exercise SHAHEEN AL JAZEERA Between SOF Of PAKISTAN NAVY And Bahrain Navy Concludes At Karachi:

The Bilateral Annual Naval Exercise SHAHEEN AL JAZEERA between PAKISTAN NAVY’s Special Services Group (SSGN) and Royla Bahrain Defense Forces Special Operations Force (RDFSOF) successfully concluded at Karachi. The SHAHEEN AL JAZEERA held a total of 10 days in which Special Operation Forces of both the countries demonstrate special skills and professional expertise with each other.


The Bilateral Exercise SHAHEEN AL JAZEERA is a maritime exercise between the Naval Special Operations Forces of both the friendly country PAKISTAN and Bahrain and it is held annually.

Bilateral Annual Exercise SHAHEEN AL JAZEERA

The basic aim of the Mutual SHAHEEN AL JAZEERA Exercise is to improve the interoperability, coordination and professional expertise of the Special Operations Forces of both the countries.

The SHAHEEN AL JAZEERA annual maritime Exercise also aims to further strengthen the military to military relationships between the Naval Forces of both the friendly countries.

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According to the Spokesman of PAKISTAN NAVY, the SHAHEEN AL JAZEERA Bilateral is a mutually benefited Naval Exercise, which includes the Special Frogman Operations, Maritime Interdiction Operations and SEALs Team Insertion Techniques.

The Bilateral Naval Exercise SHAHEEN AL JAZEERA also included the remarkable coordinated VBSR (Visit Board Search and Rescue Operations, which involves the combined Special Operations Teams, SOF Special Boats and PAKISTAN NAVY’s cutting-edge Sea King Helicopters.

Shaheen Al Jazeera Maritime Exercise SSGN and Bahrian Naval Special Forces

The 10-day long Bilateral Naval Exercise SHAHEEN AL JAZEERA was conducted at the Arabian Sea, off Karachi in both day and night. The Bilateral Naval Exercise SHAHEEN AL JAZEERA was also witnessed by the Commander Naval Special Force of Bahrain, who also appreciated the professional expertise and successful conduct of the exercise.

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It is worth mentioning that Bahrain is a friendly country of PAKISTAN and both countries enjoyed exceptionally brilliant relations in a wide range of domains, including Defense. The recent successful conclusion of Bilateral Naval Exercise SHAHEEN AL JAZEERA will further help to bolster the military relationship and military interaction between the forces of the two friendly countries.

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