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PAK NAVAL CHIEF Visits DAMEN Shipyard Company In Romania:

The PAKISTAN NAVAL CHIEF embarked on an official visit to friendly country Romania on Saturday November 16th, 2019. During the visit, the CHIEF OF NAVAL STAFF called on the Romanian Naval Forces Commander-in Chief Alexndru Mirsu and Romanian Chief of Defense Staff (CDS).

During the meeting, both sides discuss different issues related to mutual interest and maritime security. Both the sides also emphasized on enhancement of military to military interactions between the two friendly countries.

PAK NAVAL CHIEF Visits Damen Shipyard At Gulati Romania

Later, the CHIEF OF NAVAL STAFF also visited the Damen Shipyard Company in Romania’s Gulati, which built two state of the art 2300 Tons Corvettes for PAKISTAN NAVY.

The first Corvette was delivered to PAK NAVY in MAY, 2019, while the second one was delivered in September of the current year. Reportedly, PAKISTAN NAVY inducted both the cutting-edge Corvettes in its arsenal.

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Both the 2300 Tons Corvettes built by the DAMEN Shipyard are designed to use fora wide range of tasks, including the surveillance and intelligence gathering, maritime security operations, Anti-Air Operations, Anti-Surface Operations and Combat Search And Rescue Operations (CSAR).

PAK NAVAL CHIEF Visits Damen Shipyard At Gulati Romania

Both the Corvettes built by the DAMEN Shipyard have much resemblance to the Damen SIGMA 8313 Corvette. Reportedly, both the 2300 Tons Corvettes are stealth and PAKISTAN NAVY is planning to equip both the Corvettes with latest armaments and tracking suites.

PAKISTAN NAVY will equip the recently inducted Corvettes with the Close-In-Weapons (CIWS), Modern Electronic Warfare Suite (EW), Anti-Aircraft Guns and PAK NAVY is also planning to equip the Corvettes with the latest indigenously developed Surface to Surface Cruise Missiles, such as Harba Supersonic Surface to Surface Cruise Missile.

However, neither PAK NAVY nor the Damen Shipyard has yet disclosed all the possible upgradations, weapons and tracking systems it is planning to equip in the corvettes.

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PAK NAVAL CHIEF Admiral Zaffar Mahmood Abbasi Visits Romania
PAK NAVAL CHIEF Admiral Zaffar Mahmood Abbasi Visits Romania

Meanwhile, PAKISTAN has also decided to make fundamental changes for its JINNAH-Class Corvette in terms of Electronics Measure and Countermeasure Systems, Main Guns, Close-In-Weapons (CIWS), Anti-Ship Warfare Suite (AW) and Anti-Air Weaponry.

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