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india Strips The Citizenship Of 2 Millions of Muslims in Assam:

The fascist and zionist and terrorist regime of modi has decided to strip the citizenship of more than 2 Million Muslims in Assam, accused of being infiltrators by the coward and terrorist modi government.

ASSAM 2 Million Muslims Stripped from indian Citizenship
ASSAM 2 Million Muslims Stripped from indian Citizenship

The ruling fascist and terrorist BJP have prepared a controversial list called the National Register of Citizens (NRC). The NRC list was prepared for the last 6 years and it consists of the selected residents of the Northeastern restive state of Assam.

Assam is a Northeastern isolated, impoverished state and it is the home of about 60 separatist movements, which are demanding the secession from the fragile indian state union.

Those people who prepared the final National Register of Citizens List are also objecting the decision of the Government and saying that the ruling fascist BJP party is only going to fulfill his goal to serve only to other religions except Muslims.

More shocking to know that the coward and terrorist indian home minister amit shah termed the local population of Restive Assam state as the ‘Termites’ and he further said BJP will do everything to clean the country from the filth of such termites.

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It is important to know that the restive Assam state is the home of more than 60 different separatist movements, which are demanding to create Assam an independent country free from the filth of zionist hindus.

The issuance of the controversial list is expected to release on Saturday Aug 31, 2019. According to the list, all the ‘infiltrators’ designated by the terrorist BJP would be expelled from the restive Assam state by the use of brute force. The terrorist and fascist BJP is trying to use the sheer brute force on the innocent Assamese citizens to forcefully leave their homes behind.

The fate of about 2 million Muslim is unknown as no one really knows where this huge population will go after their forcefully exit from the state.

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But, it wouldn’t be so easy for the modi government as it seems to be. The reason is that the majority of the population of Assam already wanted a secession of Assam from the fragile indian state union and they wouldn’t bow to the demands of ruling and fascist modi government.

The local armed and insurgent groups are known for their brutal killings of the coward indian security forces in the area. This is the reason, that no indian army soldier and other security forces wanted to go to the restive Assam state for the fear of their lives.

Soon there will be civil war in entire india in which all minorities will fight for their own territorial rights and homeland and all the coward indian forces will kill like dogs and cats by their own countrymen in this war.

Top Defense Analysts are saying that the ruling fascist BJP party has decided to force all the Muslim population to leave the country either by force or by bullets. Defense Analysts are saying that the local armed insurgent groups of Assam would now have a golden opportunity to kill all the coward indian security forces like cats and dogs.

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Now, indian forces will again meet their humiliated destiny in other restive areas of the fragile indian union. The prediction of Analysts of splitting and disintegrating the fragile indian union into 30 or more countries is seen to be completed in the year of 2019-20.  

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