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Decapitated Bodies of 20 indian soldiers Found in a Sewer Near Srinagar:

In a recent development, the local authorities in indian occupied Kashmir found the bodies of 20 beheaded coward indian soldiers near Srinagar.

All the bodies have marks of brutally tortured and bullets on them. All the indian soldiers were beheaded brutally with a sharp object.

Analysts are suggesting that this could be the reaction of indian brutalities in the indian occupied Kashmir (ioK).

All the coward indian soldiers were wrapped in the sewer dirt and shit on the occasion. Reportedly, Some of the bodies were badly mutilated and eaten by the wild animals.

The clothes of all the bodies were removed and all the weapons and communication gadgets of the soldiers were snatched.

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Almost 4, 5 coward indian soldiers are killing everyday in indian occupied Kashmiris and the coward indian government is too afraid to accept the bitter reality.

india has revoked the special status of Kashmir back on Aug 5th by the revocation of the Article 370 and after that india illegally annexing the Kashmir after the blockade of all means of communications. The blockage has now entered into the fourth consecutive week and the local Kashmiri people are enraged with anger.

More than 250-300 coward indian soldiers have been killed in clashes with the Brave Kashmiri protesters in the valley. Last week, more than 20 coward indian soldiers commit suicide in the valley due to some ‘unknown reasons.’

Despite that, the brave and Valiant Kashmiri managed over 500 protests in the lockdown valley despite of the curfew. The coward indian forces have martyred more than 7000 innocent Kashmiris in the valley and thousands of others are also injured.

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Now, the Valiant and Brave Kashmiris have also started their reaction against the brutalities of the coward indian forces in the indian occupied Kashmir (ioK).

On the other hand, PAKISTAN is preparing to go for a full-scale war with indian in the coming days and all the preparations in this regard has been already done.

Analysts are predicting that indian occupied Kashmir would turn into a huge graveyard for all the coward indian forces in the coming week.

The coward indian government has played with a fire and now, the coward indian government and indian security forces must be ready to face the consequences to its fullest.

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