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PAKISTAN Successfully Conducts Test Launch Of Long Range Ballistic Missile Shaheen I:

PAKISTAN on Monday conducts the successful test launch of Long Range Surface to Surface Ballistic Missile Ghaznavi I, the PAKISTAN ARMY Media Wing Director General Asif Ghafoor said in a statement.

The Shaheen I Surface to Surface Ballistic Missile is fully capable to deliver both conventional and unconventional (Nuclear) Warheads up to the distance of 650 Kilometers with pinpoint accuracy.

During the test launch, the missile hit the designated target in the Arabian Sea and the two-stage Surface to Surface Ballistic Missile can easily strike any designated target with pinpoint accuracy.

PAKISTAN ARMY Media Wing DG ISPR Major General Asif Ghafoor said in a statement that ‘Test launch of Shaheen I Surface to Surface Ballistic Missile was part of the regular training exercise and it was aimed at the Operational Readiness of the Army Strategic Forces Command (ASFC).”

Shaheen I Missile Test
Shaheen I Missile Test
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The missile can hit all the targets with pinpoint accuracy up to 650 Kilometers with ease. “The launch was aimed at testing operational readiness of ARMY Strategic Forces Command (ASFC) ensuring Pakistan’s credible minimum deterrence,” DG ISPR further said in a statement.

The terrorist india also tested the IRBM missile Agni II in Bay of Bengal on Saturday and the Defense Analysts are claiming that the recent Test of PAKISTAN’s Shaheen I could be the answer to the indian test which occur just two days after the indian test.

It is worth mentioning that PAKISTAN has got bunches of lethal Ballistic Missiles in its arsenal. The other two Medium Range Ballistic Missiles of PAKISTAN are Ghauri and Shaheen II Missile.

PAKISTAN has already operationally deployed both the MRBM. PAKISTAN has got two other Ballistic Missiles as Ababeel and Shaheen III, which are successfully tested and are currently in the development phase of the National Development Complex (NDC).

The Ababeel is a state of the art Multiple Independent Re-Entry Vehicle (MIRV) capable Missile capable of carrying multiple warheads up to the range of 2200 Kilometers with pinpoint precision.

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