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Thanks to PAKISTAN as Pathetic and Incompetent indian air force Lost 12 Fighter Jets In Past Six Months:

The incomptent indian air force is being treated in india as the most corrupt, unprofessional, untrained, incompetent flying force as it lost a total number of 12 Aircraft in the past 6 months only. According to the reports, out of 12 Aircrafts which were flying by coward indians, 6 of the Aircrafts were made by Russia. It also includes the Russian State of the Art Fighter Jet Sukhoi SU-30 MKI.

coward and filthy indian air chief
Coward and Incompetent indian air chief went quiet on indian aircraft crashes question by media

The coward indian air chief birender singh, who had himself flown different aircrafts as the SU-30 MKI, MiG 29, Jaguar and MiG 21 was literally ashamed and embarrassed by the situation as he had literally no answer when indian media humiliated him at the Graduation Ceremony on June 15 in indian Hyderabad.

People are celebrating the downing of indian Airplane in PAKISTAN's Administered KASHMIR
People are celebrating the downing of indian Airplane in PAKISTAN’s Administered KASHMIR

On the occasion, the indian air chief left for washroom on two occasions for releasing the pressure and burden of the questions. Reportedly, some indian media reports claimed that the indian air chief also starting crying on the occasion.

People gathered at the crashed Site of indian Mi-17 on Surprise Day
People gathered at the crashed Site of indian Mi-17 on Surprise Day

The recent crash of AN-32 aircraft which the pathetic and coward indian media claimed that was taken by some ‘ALIENS’, also put more stain on already coward and incompetent indian air force. He said on the occasion that the moral of all coward indian forces and air force is lowest in the history right now and the GREAT PAKISTANI’s are killing them like rabid dogs each day.

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Crashed indian air force an-32 aircraft
Crashed indian air force an-32 aircraft

The total list of Aircrafts which were flown and destroyed by the incompetent and coward indian air force includes the Russian Sukhoi SU-30 MKI, MiG 29, Mirage 2000, MiG 27, MiG 21, Antonov AN-32, SEPECAT Jaguar, Russian Mi-17 Helicopter and Aerospace Hawk 200.

People gathered at the crashed Site of indian SU30MKI
People gathered at the crashed Site of indian SU30 MKI

It is worth to mention that the Great PAKISTAN had destroyed the 2 indian star fighter in an Aerial Dogfight during the Feb 27th Eve. These 2 indian Fighter Jets include the Russian Sukhoi SU-30 MKI and MiG 21.

The overall estimated cost of just these 2 indian fighter jets is whopping $47 million dollars. On the other hand, the coward and incompetent indians also destroyed their own Mi-17 Helicopter ‘MISTAKENLY’ on the same 27th Feb, 2019, which they admitted later.

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People gathered at the crashed Site of MiG 29
People gathered at the crashed Site of indian MiG 29

The latest incident happened on 3rd June, as the indian air force Jet Antonov AN-42 transport aircraft with a registration number of K2752 with 13 high-ranking indian officials went missing en route from jorhat airport assam to its final destination of mechuka in arunuchel pradesh. The contact of the aircraft with the air traffic controller cutoff after the 30 minutes of flying.

The coward indian air force keep looking the for several day, but failed miserably. Later, the indian media claimed that the aircraft was snatched by ‘ALIENS’ in the space.

After 2 weeks, the local people found the debris of the ill-fated aircraft and the indian air force declared that the Antonov AN-32 Aircraft has finally crashed and all the 13 people on board died a painful dog’s death.

People Gathered at the Crashed Site of indian utlity helicopter
People Gathered at the Crashed Site of indian utlity helicopter

On Feb19, 2019, the untrained, pathetic and coward indian air force pilots which were flying the 2 british Hawk 200 planes, collided mid-air with each other which resulted in the dog’s death of coward indian wing commander sahil Gandhi.

The coward indian air force lost the Jaguar aircraft which crashed in the uttar pradesh khushinagar district. The ill-fated aircraft was crashed soon after the flying and resulted in the painful death of the pilot on the spot.

Earlier in the Month of Feb 2019, an indian MiG 27 Fighter aircraft crashed in Rajisthan and the pilot faced a painful death.

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In the same month of Feb 2019, an indian Mirage 2000 Aircraft also destroyed in crash at the Begaluru airport resulted in the dog’s death of the coward indian pilot on the spot.

In the Month of March 2019, an indian MiG 27 Aircrfat crashed in rajasthan and the indian pilot barely escape his tragic death, which would definitely come in later crashes.

In the Same Month of March 2019, the indian air force lost 2 of its aircrafts in the separate incidents and the pilots of both the aircraft meet their painful death.

Early March, an indian MiG 27 Aircraft was crashed soon after taking off from the nal base near Bikaner.

In the same month, indians lost their MiG 27 fighter aircraft in the rajasthan district and the pilot killed on the spot.







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