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PAKISTAN ARMY Wins International Military Drill Competition In UK:

Time for more Jubilations and Celebrations of the Sacred PAKISTAN ARMY makes the PAKISTANI Nation proud once again by winning the International Military Drill Competition better known as the International Pace Sticking Competition in UK

It is worth to mention that the PAKISTAN ARMY had participated the International Drill event in the last year and Grab the Gold Medal back in May, 2018. Now, the PAKISTAN ARMY manages to bag the Gold Medal again for the country for the consecutive second time in May, 2019.

Pakistan Army wins international military drill competition in UK
Pakistan Army wins international military drill competition in UK

Different teams from around the world gathers at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst for the International Pace Sticking Competition in UK.

A total of 18 different teams participated in the tournament, including the four teams from the International Countries as the PAKISTAN, Jordan, Oman and Bahrain, while the rest of the teams included from the different regiments of the British Army.

Each team consists of 4 personnel, whom which three are team members and one is the driver who delivers different commands during the drill.

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PAKISTAN ARMY Media Wing Inter-Services Public Relation said on the occasion that “Pakistan Army won an international military drill competition known as Pace Sticking Competition held today at Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, UK. Pakistan army team has been winner for consecutive 2 year.”

PAK ARMY wins UK Pace Competition
PAK ARMY wins UK Pace Competition

The selection criteria for International Pace Sticking Competition in UK  of each team is very strict, as any interested team will first have to win the preliminary competition before actually taking part in the championship held each year in the United Kingdom.

All the teams have to march in quick and slow time motion while turning their sticks. The pace stick used in the competition looks like the giant compass which goes back to the ancient Roman Times when such sticks were used to mark the accurate distance on the Roads.

All the 4 team members judged on their overall performance and turnout during the parade, which each team has to perform in the correct sequence. Any event of wrong commands or movement resulted in an immediate deduction of points from the team score card.

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The winner of the International Pace Sticking Competition in UK announced on their overall performance and turnout.

It is a great Blessing of ALLAH ALMIGHTY that our Sacred Army earns that huge respect for the Brave and Valiant PAKISTAN Nation, ALLAHA O AKBAR.


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