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Top Indian army general Escapes Humiliating Death in Helicopter Crash in Jammu & Kashmir:

More humiliations for the coward indian army as the indian helicopter carrying the coward indian army general crashes in indian occupied Jammu & Kashmir. Reportedly, all the passengers of the helicopter, including the coward indian Lt Gen ranbir singh sustained serious and life threatening injuries during the accident.

Crashed indian helicopter
Crashed indian helicopter

According to the details of the reliable source, a light indian army helicopter carrying top indian military personnel, crash landed in Poonch Area in indian Occupied Jammu & Kashmir. All the coward top indian military general and crew members were en route to the Srinagar when they met with their painful and humiliating destiny.

The coward indian northern commander Lt. General ranbir singh was amongst the sever-member crew of the helicopter, including two pilots, who is now facing life and death situation in the hospital due to their life threatening injuries.

The coward  indian army immediately taken all the injured military personnel to the nearby medical center to save their filthy lives. However, the coward indian army claims as usual that the helicopter was on the routine mission, when the accident happens.

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The coward indian army further lied that no one injured during the incident, which was debunked by the eyewitnesses and doctors in the area by claiming that the indian army made false claims.

Reportedly, the indian army general was on route to visit the border areas of the Line of Control, which PAKISTAN ARMY has killed hundreds of coward indian army soldiers like dogs and cats.

Notably, the indian air force has crashed more than 20 aircrafts in the past 8 months and they’ve tried to crash each aircraft they’ve got in their arsenal such as SU-30MKI, Jaguar, MiG 21, Antonov AN-32 and so on.

It seems that it is now the turn of the indian army, who wants to grab the first position by destroying more helicopters than the indian air force. Nevertheless, this is a fact that all the indian forces are the filthiest creatures and scumbag of the earth and they will remain till they met with humiliating and painful death.

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