Cow Pisses Drinker Filthy indian army Raising White Flags To Pick The Dead Bodies Of Their Dogs Killed By PAK ARMY At LOC:

The coward and cow pisses drinker indian army destined to remain ashamed, degraded and humiliated by PAKISTAN right from the first day their lives. In a recent development, PAKISTAN ARMY has killed dozens of coward indian soldiers and scores of others injured in retaliation to the unprovoked firing at LOC (Line Of Control).

The response of PAKISTAN ARMY was so harsh that the coward and filthy indian army fail to reach even the dead bodies of their killed dogs. So, the soldiers of a filthy indian army are raising the White Flags in order to pick the dead bodies of their dogs killed by the Brave PAKISTAN ARMY Soldiers.

PAKISTAN ARMY’s Media Wing Director General Major General Asif Ghafoor warned the cow pisses drinker soldiers not to think twice before initiating such action. DG ISPR narrated the whole incident by tweeting, “indian Army struggling to pick dead bodies and evacuate injured soldiers. indian Army raising white flag. This they should think before initiating unprovoked CFVs and respect military norms by avoiding to target innocent civilians.”

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According to the reports of the reliable sources, the Brave and Valiant Soldiers of PAKISTAN ARMY completely destroyed two indian soldier bunkers and killed the coward and filthy indian army soldiers like dogs and cats at the Line of Control. All the indian soldiers, who have departed to hell, were involved in targeting the civilian population in unprovoked firing at the Line of Control (LOC).

During the firing, more than 50 coward indian soldiers run away from the bunkers by leaving their ammo and uniform behind to save their filthy lives. All the indian soldiers who were firing were either killed by PAKISTAN ARMY or manage to save their filthy lives by running from their posts. All the indian guns went off silent permanently after the harsh and quick retaliation by PAKISTAN ARMY.

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The reality of all the filthy indian army is just like the rabid dogs. They used to bark a lot at the start, but when the PAKISTAN ARMY whipped the asses of these filthy dogs with the sticks, then they started to cry and run away from the scene by wagging their tail under their legs.  

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