PAKISTAN NAVY Formally Joined The 32 Member Trans Maritime Network Based in Italy:

More Good News for PAKISTAN as the PAKISTAN NAVY has formally joined the 32 Members Trans Regional Maritime Network (T-RMN). The Trans Regional Maritime Network (T-RMN) is an Italy based Group, with an aim to expand its key Maritime related information with the other members.


The Note of Ascension was formally signed by the PAKISTAN NAVAL Chief Admiral Zaffar Mahmood Abbasi for joining the 32-Member Naval Organization at the Naval Headquarters Islamabad. Italy’s Ambassador to PAKISTAN Stefano Pontecorvo was also presented during the signing ceremony.

PAKISTAN NAVY Joins Trans Maritime Regional Network (T-RMN)

The Trans Regional Maritime Network (T-RMN) was set up in 2008 with the aim to facilitate the transfer and exchange of Key Maritime related information at Trans-Regional Level amongst the other participants of the Organization.

These words are written in the Communiqué, “By joining the T-RMN community, Pakistan Navy will have access to maritime related information which will augment the comprehensive maritime picture already being maintained at Joint Maritime Information Coordination Center (JIMCC) of the PAKISTAN NAVY in Karachi.”

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By joining the Trans Regional Maritime Network, PAKISTAN NAVY will have access to the key maritime related information, which will also add more strength of the Joint Maritime Information Coordination Center (JIMMC) being successfully maintained by PAKISTAN NAVY at Karachi.

Joint Maritime Information Coodination Centre
Joint Maritime Information Coordination Center (JIMMC)

It is important to mention that the Joint Maritime Information Coordination Center or JIMCC was formed in 2013. Since its inception back in 2013, the Joint Maritime Information Coordination Center or JIMCC is now rapidly evolving as the main hub and key center for all the Maritime Related Information.

The Joint Maritime Information Coordination Centre (JIMCC) in linked and connected with various Regional and Trans Regional Maritime Frameworks with the aim to improve the security of the regional maritime frontiers. The recent inclusion of Trans Regional Maritime Network (T-RMN) will help to significantly increase the capacity and capability of the JIMCC to a whole new level.

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The ascension of the PAKISTAN NAVY in the Trans Regional Maritime Network is another revolutionary step of PAKISTAN NAVY’s aim and vision of ensuring maritime safety and security at high seas through adoption of mutual coordination and strategies.

Such Maritime Information will help to play an important role among the member nations to ensure the safe and sound maritime traffic routing through the different maritime networks and gateways across the world.

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