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Over 450,000 indian Soldiers Applied For Sick Leave Over Fear of War With PAKISTAN ARMY:

The indian government and indian security forces braces more humiliations as over 450,000 coward indian security forces have applied for sick leave over fear of PAKISTAN ARMY.


The tensions have escalated too much in LoC and PAKISTAN ARMY has started hunting down about 4,5 coward indian soldiers everyday like rabid dogs.

Reports of the reliable sources suggested that coward indian forces are too much scared to face PAKISTAN ARMY and they don’t want to go to war with PAKISTAN.

The soldiers who applied for sick are from different regiments and departments of indian army, including the artillery, strike and aviation.

Reportedly, there are hundreds of thousands of senior indian army officers who applied for sick leave, including dozens of generals.

Hundreds of thousands of coward indian soldiers have started posting videos on social media and saying that they don’t want to die and PAKISTAN ARMY will kill them like dogs and so they are applying for sick leave to enjoy their lives.

Moreover, the senior level indian army officers began telling their juniors to also apply for leave or face brutal death by PAKISTAN ARMED FORCES.

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The indian move of abrogation the Article 370 has failed miserably and nearly all the fragile indian empire is on the surge or collapse. There are more than 130 different separatist movements active in india, which are demanding the secession from the fragile india union.

About 60-65% indian citizens residing near the Line of Control (LoC) have begun to evacuate the area to avoid any casualty to their side. Reportedly, the presence of indian citizens in the indian side of Wagah border has decreased.

In a bid to cover the utter humiliation, indian army personnel started to fill the chairs by dressing as civilians during the flag hoisting ceremony. The main purpose of this move is to show the international media that indian citizens are still coming to see the flag hoisting parade in Wagah border.

On the other hand, the situation is totally different in PAKISTANI side of Wagah border as there are reports of complete houseful, as more PAKISTANI People are showing keen interest to support the PAKISTAN ARMED FORCES against india. People even prefer to watch the ceremony by standing on their feet, if there is a shortage of chairs.

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The legs of all the indian soldiers trembling during the flag hoisting ceremony, which can easily be witnessed during the Wagah Parade. Several indian soldiers earns more humiliation and degradation by falling and slipping on ground during the wagah parade.

The recent incident came during the Aug 14, 2019, in which another indian soldier slipped on the ground in a bid to show excessive excitement during the parade and become the laughing stock of the people present there.

Adding more humiliation to the indian desperation, the Sikhs in different parts of indian Punjab as Gurdaspur, Amritsar and other cities have started raising their voices against the indian aggression towards PAKISTAN.

These Sikhs are against the indian federation and wanted to create their own country and demanding recession from the fragile indian union. A most important referendum of Sikh Land is taking place on 2020, which will decide the future of independent Sikh Country in South Asia.

Analysts are predicting that india has lost 95% of the war with PAKISTAN at the start and if it goes to aggression, then the remaining 5% will result in utter humiliation of the indian government and coward indian security forces as a whole.

On the other hand, PAKISTAN SECURITY FORCES have made the necessary arrangements to befittingly respond any indian aggression with full force.

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The Beloved Spokesperson of PAKISTAN ARMY DG ISPR Major General Asif Ghafoor has said in a press conference that PAKISTAN ARMED FORCES are ready and they are fully capable to give a befittingly reply to india in case of indian aggression.

He further said that We will give a response to the india in a way that india will forget the Feb 27 humiliation totally.

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