PAK ARMY Killed More Than 30 Filthy indian Soldiers Like Dogs In Sunderbani and Laleali Sectors Along LOC:

More humiliations of the filthy and coward indian security forces, as the filthy indian soldiers deliberately targeted civilians in unprovoked firing and PAKISTAN ARMY in retaliation killed more than 30 filthy indian soldiers in Laleani and Sunderbani sectors along the LOC.

The filthy and coward indian army targeted the innocent civilian population in AZAD KASHMIR and injured dozens of civilians. In response to indian firing, PAKISTAN ARMY dispatched more than 30 filthy indian soldiers to hell in different sectors along the LOC. After which the filthy indian army runs away from the area leaving their weapons behind just to save their filthy lives.

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This is another utter humiliation for the coward indian security forces in the current year. The count of unprovoked indian ceasefire violations along the LOC has crossed the mark of 156. The Filthy indian army always tries to target civilians along as they don’t dare to fight with the Mighty Soldiers of PAKISTAN ARMY.

Just a few days ago, the filthy indian army initiated another unprovoked ceasefire violations using artillery along LOC, which resulted in the painful death of 6 indian soldiers in retaliation by PAKISTAN ARMY.

As usual, the filthy indian media is hiding their filthy casualties and claiming that only one indian soldier named yash paul humiliated and killed by PAKISTAN ARMY Firing along the LOC.

Meanwhile, the brave Freedom Fighter in indian Occupied Jammu & Kashmir throw a live grenade on the police party, which resulted in the killing of dozens of policemen on the spot.

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