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COAS General Bajwa Vows APS Martyrs Will Never Be Forgotten During 5th Anniversary Of APS Tragedy:

Five Years ago, the cow pisses drinker indian state sponsored terrorists carried out the largest carnage and bloodshed in the history of PAKISTAN, martyring nearly 150 innocent School children in Army Public School, Rawalpindi on the eve of dark day of December 16, 2014.


The filthy and coward dogs of TTP carried out this attack with the direct training, support and funds from the filthy and coward indian government and security forces. The dogs of Hell of TTP were in contact with their cow pisses drinker indian handlers in the consulates in Afghanistan.

PAKISTAN ARMY and Brave PAKISTANI Nation unite against the state sponsored terrorism of india and began the different operations against the dogs of TTP, which led us to a convincing and decisive victory against the indian state sponsored enemy. The filthy and coward indian generals and ministers openly admitted that the filthy india is behind the carnage.

On the fifth Anniversary of the APS Tragedy, the CHIEF OF ARMY STAFF General Qamar Ahmed Bajwa vows that the ‘We Will Never Ever Forget the Martyrs of ARMY Public School and COAS also salute to the Martyrs and families on the occasion.”

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“APS carnage will never be forgotten. Five of the involved terrorists have been hanged through military courts. Salute to martyrs and their families. We have come a long way in failing terrorism as a nation. United we move towards lasting peace and prosperity of Pakistan”, CHIEF OF ARMY STAFF General Qamar Ahmed Bajwa said in a statement via PAK ARMY Media Wing Inter-Services Public Relations.

PAK ARMY CHIEF further said that all the terrorists involved in this carnage have been dispatched to hell through Military Courts.

This is a fact that the filthy indian government and filthy security forces will remain the filth of this Earth and they have tried everything to spread anarchy in Great PAKISTAN, but they all have humiliated and failed badly in their nefarious designs against this Sacred Country, PAKISTAN.

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