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PAKISTAN NAVY Is Developing Cutting Edge Supersonic Cruise Missile To Counter BrahMos:

PAKISTANI ARMED FORCES have reached another milestone as PAKISTAN NAVY starts developing the state of the art Supersonic Cruise Missile to counter the india’s BrahMos Supersonic Missile.

The revelations were disclosed by the Ministry of Defense Product (MoDP) for the year of 2017-18. Furthermore, the Directorate General of Munitions Production (DGMP) has given a green signal to the PAKISTAN NAVAL FORCES to develop the supersonic cruise missile.

Harba Missile PAKISTAN
Harba Missile PAKISTAN

However, the Directorate General of Munitions Production (DGMP) and Ministry of Defense Production (MoDP) did not further disclose the key details about the Supersonic Missile Projects as the weight, dimension, range and further capabilities of the missile.

Furthermore, the concerned authorities also did not clarify whether PAKISTAN’s New Supersonic Cruise Missile would be a Land Attack Cruise Missile (LACM) or Anti-Ship Cruise Missile (ASCM).

However, the top level defense experts believe that there are high chances that the missile would be equipped with both the platforms as Anti-Ship Cruise Missile (ASCM) and Land Attack Cruise Missile (LACM).

Top Defense Experts are suggesting that the missile in questions would be able to counter the BrahMos Supersonic Cruise Missile, developed by both Russia and india.

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The DGMP also approved the development of an improved and upgraded version of PAKISTAN NAVY’s Harbah Cruise Missile.


Interestingly, the Harbah Cruise Missile tested by the PAKISTAN NAVY back in April 2019 is likely to be equipped with both the LACM and SACM capabilities.

PAKISTAN NAVY test fired the Harbah Cruise Missile from the PNS Himmat Fast Attack Craft back in April 2019.

It is important to mention that PAKISTAN NAVY conducts the RIBAT 2019 Operational Exercise in the Arabian Sea to examine the operational Preparedness of PAKISTAN NAVAL FORCES in both war and peace time.

Interestingly, PAKISTAN NAVY tests the fire power by launching live missile firings from the platform. The live missiles were launched from both Air and Land Platforms.

The Director General of Public Relations of PAKISTAN NAVY Tweeted about the missile test, “The exercise is aimed at validating various operational concepts and tactical warfighting procedures, including joint operations involving all PAKISTAN NAVY’s Field Commands as well as PAKISTAN AIR FORCE.”

“During the Exercise RIBAT, Pakistan Navy and Pakistan Air Force units are participating in maritime operations in various domains under complex grey hybrid warfare environment. Concurrently, PAKISTAN Marines and Special Operation Forces (SOFs) are also rehearsing special operations, including Coastal Defense, Air Defense and Maritime Interdiction Operations etc.” the DGPR NAVY further added.

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It is no longer a myth that PAKISTAN NAVY has successfully upgraded the Harbah Cruise Missile for both LACM and ASCM platforms.

However, in order to achieve this milestone, PAKISTAN NAVY had to design the missile, which basically consists of the Ramjet air breathing engine or Scramjet air breathing engine.

After achieving this milestone, it appears that PAKISTAN NAVY is now working to develop an indigenous Supersonic cruise missiles meant for Anti-Ship and Land Attack platforms.

Interestingly, the concerned authorities didn’t reveal the time frame for the testing of the new supersonic cruise missile being developed by PAKISTAN NAVY.

However, the defense experts believe that PAKISTAN can easily achieve the milestone by sharing the project with friendly countries like China, South Africa or Ukraine.

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PAKISTAN Nuclear Missile Delivery Systems:

As far as the Nuclear Missile Deliver Systems are concerned; PAKISTAN is armed for that purpose to its teeth. PAKISTAN has got Mirage III/V Fighter Aircraft and F-16 A Fighter Aircraft and both fighter jets can easily carry Nuclear missile to the concern destination.

Both fighter aircraft have the total range up to massive 2100 Kilometers and they can carry both conventional and Nuclear Warhead to the concerned location with ease.

As far as the Land Delivery Systems are concerned; PAKISTAN is armed with 2 different kinds of Cruise Missiles with a range up to 250 Kilometers and PAKISTAN also have eight different kinds of Ballistic Missile, which have a total target hitting range up to massive 2750 Kilometers. A number of PAKISTANI MISSILES can easily cover the entire india, if the situation escalates further.

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