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World Needs to Give More Respect to PAKISTAN Says Ex-British Army SAS General Shaw:

A former UK Special Forces Special Air Service (SAS) Major-General (retd) Jonathan Shaw has lauded and commended current PAKISTAN Military Command for the improving the security situation in the country. He said that World needs to give more respect to PAKISTAN. Ex-British Major General Shaw made these remarks in his exemplary article for the British Magazine Spectator.

Ex-British SAS General Said World Needs to Show more Respect to PAKISTAN
Ex-British SAS General Said World Needs to Show more Respect to PAKISTAN

The Former Two-Star Major General Jonathan Shaw has led the British Special Forces Special Air Services and he is now the head of PAKISTAN Policy.

Ex UK Special Air Forces Major General (retd) Shaw urged the other countries of the world and leaders to show more ‘Respect’ to PAKISTAN for their remarkable and distinctive achievements, which has never been made by anyone in the past 100 years. 

The British Ex-Major General urged the world that now the time has come that the world should realize the sacrifices of PAKISTAN in improving the security situation of not only the country, but also the region itself.  

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He also said that the security Situation in PAKISTAN has dramatically improved in the past decade and PAKISTAN is now emerging as the Global and Key Player in rapidly changing Geopolitics situation under the present Military Command.

The Ex-British SAS General urged the world to Show More Respect to PAKISTAN by Saying, “Now is not the time to ask for more from PAKISTAN; now is the time for the world to give more respect to PAKISTAN.”

He lauded the PAKISTAN ARMY CHIEF General Qamar Ahmed Bajwa that the present 4-Star PAKISTAN ARMY CHIEF has proved himself as “an able interlocutor” in trying his best to de-escalate the rising tensions with its coward and filthy neighbor india over the illegal annexation of indian occupied Jammu & Kashmir.

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The Former SAS Two-Star Major General Shaw also lauded and commend the PAKISTAN MILITARY’s decision of fencing on the volatile PAKISTAN-Afghanistan border to eliminate any chances of indian state sponsored cross-border terrorism in PAKISTAN.

He said that the PAKISTAN ARMY will continue the fencing on border despite being attacked by the indian state sponsored terrorism aimed to disrupt the fencing proces.

The former UK Special Forces Special Air Service (SAS) Major-General (retd) Jonathan Shaw further heaps praises for the remarkable success of the PAKISTAN ARMY and said that the present Military Command of PAKISTAN has made breathtaking progress in the war against terrorism, which is unmatched by any other country in the world.

“I visited the Khyber Pass section of the 833 km fence, with 700 guard forts along its route, soon to be augmented by CCTV and sensor devices. This $1bn effort has choked off the Haqqani and TTP terrorist networks.” Ex-British General Said.

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Referring to the recent visit of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to PAKISTAN he said that PAKISTAN is showcasing the true and soft image of PAKISTAN as it is today rather than the past.

He further said that the Remarkable and successful visit of the UK Royal Couple to PAKISTAN three different far-flung cities in just 5 days, speaks itself the on the ground reality of improves security situation in the country.

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