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Rockwell Collins has been Awarded the Contract to Modernize PAF’s C-130B and C-130E Aircrafts:

More good news for the PAKISTAN AIR FORCE, as the PAF has selected the Rockwell Collins to modernize the existing fleet of PAKISTAN AIR FORCE’s Transportation Aircraft Fleet of C-130B and C-130E variants.

PAF C-130 Aircraft

According to the details, the latter company will provide the PAF’s C-130 Aircrafts with the Flight2 Avionics System. This Flight2 Avionics System will be used to modernize and upgrade the existing 5 C-130B Aircrafts and 11 C-130E Aircrafts.\

The new Avionics Suite will provide the PAF C-130 Aircrafts with the unrestricted access to the Global Airspace by meeting all the requirements for navigation, communication, surveillance and air traffic management requirements.

On the occasion the Vice President of Rockwell Collins Airborne Solution said that the PAF Pilot will experience great situational communication and awareness capabilities with the advancement and upgradation of the Latest Avionics Suite.

The new avionics will change the cockpit of the Aircrafts to a full glass cockpit with a primary required communication, navigation and required display with high altitude release point and it will also compute precision airdrop software with an air release point.

Rockwell Collins will also provide the revolutionary SATCOM communications; digital autopilot modes with high and very high frequency systems, as well as a traffic collision avoidance system, navigation sensors, weather radar and it will also add the digital terrain mapping, awareness and warning system with digital map.

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The total work for the upgradation and modernization of PAF’s C-130 Aircrafts will be performed in the PAKISTAN and the total timeframe for the work is expected to finish by the end of year 2020.

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