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PAKISTAN AIR FORCE received Sophisticated AEWACS Radar and Equipment from Swedish SAAB Company:

PAKISTAN AIR FORCE reportedly received the shipment of an undisclosed number of Sophisticated Radar and other AEWACS Equipments from the famous Swedish SAAB Company. This shipment was arrived at the Nur Khan Air Base, Rawalpindi.


Prominent Defense Analysts believed that the Shipment received from SAAB could include multiple Erieye Airborne Early Warning and Control (AEWACS) Radar Systems for the previously acquired SAAB Surveillance Aircrafts by PAKISTAN AIR FORCE.

The Eriye Radar System provides the 300° coverage in the complex electronic Warfare Environment. If the said acquisition is true, then it will significantly boost the PAKISTAN’s surveillance and Air Defense capacity to a big deal. It will also cause sleepless nights to the indian air force and their Brave pilots as Abhinandan.

It is worth to mention that the Erieye is a revolutionary and an innovative technology that is based on Active Electronically Scanned (AESA) Technology and the same technology can easily be used for Intelligence Gathering Purposes, Air and Sea Surveillance Purposes and Command and Control Purposes.

According to the detail, PAKISTAN AIR FORCE has ordered 5 SAAB AEWACS (Airborne Early Warning and Control System) and out of 5 SAAB Aircrafts.

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The Erieye Radar System is to be integrated on the 4 Aircrafts, while the remaining one Aircraft was purchased for some VVIP Flights and other Training Purposes. PAKISTAN AIR FORCE has also ordered 3 additional SAAB Erieye Aircrafts in 2017.

In 2012, 2 of the 4 aircraft were badly damaged by the indian state sponsored and indian state funded terrorist attack on a PAKISTAN AIR FORCE BASE.

It is worth to mention that PAKISTAN was the very first customer for the SAAB 2000 AEWAC Surveillance Aircrafts when PAKISTAN GOVERNMENT placed the order of latter Aircrafts back in June 2006 and the Latter Air Force entered the Aircrafts into service in late Oct, 2009.

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