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More Humiliations For indians As Nasa Finds No Landing Traces Of indian Lunar Chandrayaan 2 On Moon Surface:

The terrorist indians embraces more humiliations as US Space Agency NASA found no landing traces of any indian lunar dubbed as chandrayaan 2. NASA declared no traces of the indian lunar on moon surface during the latest flyby of its moon orbiter on the lunar region. The claim was made by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) Noah Petro of NASA.

indian lunar chandrayaan 2failed
indian lunar chandrayaan 2 failed
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It is important to mention that the chandrayaan 2 was the indian spacecraft, which according to the indian space agency lost contact during the landing attempt on the moon on Sep 6, 2019.

NASA’s LRO Noah Petro Said, “The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter imaged the area of the targeted Chandrayaan-2 Vikram landing site on October 14, but did not observe any evidence of the lander.”

The coward indian prime minister modi was also present on the occasion. Reportedly, when the indian spacecraft chandrayaan 2 lost contact during landing, then both the indian scientists isro chairman Dr. sivan and modi began to cry like kids.


The indian space agency initially claimed that the chandrayaan 2 lands on the moon with rough landing and it is still there on the moon. This false claim was rebuffed by the US NASA in a statement that NASA didn’t find any traces of indian spacecraft lander dubbed Vikram on the moon’s surface anywhere.

Moreover, the technical reconnaissance team of NASA failed to find any traces of the attempted landing on the moon’s surface. This is the fact that all the coward indians are known to show-off themselves by false claims and lies.

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The indian government and coward indian forces solely relies on false propaganda and lies, which ultimately results in the utter humiliation of the entire indian government and forces. Humiliation is not a new word for the indians as they have become used to earn more and more humiliation with the passage of each day.

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