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PAKISTAN NAVY Received State Of The Art Marine Assault Boats From Poland:

In a latest development, PAKISTAN NAVY has received two state of the art 12-Tons Marine Assault Boats (MABs) from Polish Shipbuilder Company Techno Marine.

PAKISTAN NAVY has received the both Marine Assault Boats (MABs) from Polish Shipbuilder Company Techno Marine under the Transfer of Technology (ToT) agreement signed back in 2018.

The Transfer of Technology agreement clearly implies that PAKISTAN intends to indigenously build more numbers of 12-Tons Marine Assault Boats (MABs) at PAKISTAN NAVAL (PN) Dockyard, Karachi in the near future.

PAKISTAN Marine Assault Boats (MABs)
PAKISTAN NAVY Marine Assault Boats (MABs)

The details released by the open source Export-Import (EXIM) logs in PAKISTAN, the Marine Assault Boats (MABs), the PAKISTAN NAVY has taken the deliveries of massive 12-Tons Marine Assault Boats (MABs) since at least June 2019.

Both the 12-Tons displacement Marine Assault Boats (MABs) have produced at PAKISTAN NAVAL (PN) Dockyard PAKISTAN NAVY intends to use the procured 12-Tons Marine Assault Boats (MABs) for patrolling duties especially in the Sir Creek Area.

The Techno Marine is the Polish Defense Giant engaged in the manufacturing of state of the art Vessels, Ships, Frigates and Boats. PAKISTAN is amongst the leading customer of the Company and has purchased different numbers of boats from the company.

It is pertinent to mention that before procuring the deliveries of Massive 12-Tons Marine Assault Boats (MABs), PAKISTAN NAVY has also purchased the 30 numbers of custom designed Special Operation Forces (SOF) Chaser TM-1226 Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIB) from the same Company.

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PAKISTAN NAVY Rigid Inflatble Boats (RIBs)
PAKISTAN NAVY Custom Designed Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIBs)

The Chaser TM-1226 Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIB) is a state of the art rigid boats powered by two 250 hp engines and can reach the Top Speed up to 50 Knots with ease. PAKISTAN NAVY is using the Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIBs) for its SPECIAL SERVICES GROUP NAVY (SSGN) Commandos.

PAKISTAN NAVY is working aggressively to improve and enhance the firepower and rapid mobility of its Special Services Group Navy Commandos in order to enhance their assigned role and task in defending the Sacred Maritime Frontiers of PAKISTAN

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