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TURKEY’s Defense Giant Aselsan Secures €176.9 Million Contract For The Upgradation of PAKISTAN’s Corvette Program:

PAKISTAN’s Brother TURKEY’s Defense Giant Aseslan has reportedly received the contract of €176.9 Million for the upgradation of PAKISTAN’s Milgem Corvette Program. Aselsan received the contract from ASFAT A.Ş (Military Factory and Shipyard Management Inc) to supply the special Subsystems for PAKISTAN’s JINNAH Class Multi-Mission Frigates.


As part of its Naval Fleet Modernization Program, PAKISTAN is reportedly interested in arming its JINNAH Class Milgem Corvette with lethal Missiles and electronic warfare suites.

The TURKEY Defense Giant Aselsan may be equipped the PAKISTAN’s JINNAH Class Multi-Mission Frigate with the Main or Low probability Intercept Radars, State of the Art Electronic Support Measure Systems and Sonars.

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According to the reports from reliable sources, Some of the Subsystem could be consist of Vertical Launch System (VLS System) for the vertical launching of Surface to Air (SAM) Missiles behind the main gun of the ship and Aselsan Gökdeniz Close-in-Weapon-System (CIWS) designed to provide protection to vessels from incoming enemy missiles and projectiles with the help of low-altitude air defense coverage.

According to the PAKISTAN Ministry of Defense Production (MoDP), PAKISTAN has signed a contract with ASFAT A.Ş (Military Factory and Shipyard Management Inc) in 2018.

The total value of the Contract goes to a whopping $1.5 Billion dollars for the delivery of state of the art Milgem Corvettes to PAKISTAN NAVY by the year of 2023-24 and the delivery of the first Ship to PAKISTAN would be completed by the year around 200-2023.

According to the other details of the contract, Two Milgen Class Corvettes would be manufactured in PAKISTAN by Karachi Shipyard & Engineering Works (KSEW), while the remaining two ships would-be built-in TURKEY. Furthermore, PAKISTAN will also get the ‘Complete Transfer Of Technology and the Transfer of Intellectual Property for the Future Designs of the Milgem Class Corvette.

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Reportedly, the steel-cutting ceremony of PAKISTAN NAVY’s First MILGEM-Class Corvettes held in September, 2019 and PAKISTAN NAVAL CHIEF Admiral Zaffar Mahmood Abbasi himself also presented on the occasion as the Chief Guest.

The ASFAT A.Ş (Military Factory and Shipyard Management Inc) also revealed that the new Milgen Class Corvette being built for PAKISTAN would be totally different from the TURKISH versions.

The Milgem Class Corvette being built for PAKISTAN NAVT would be equipped with the Vertical Launch System (VLS) at the bow of the Frigate and the Aselsan Gökdeniz Close-in-Weapon-System (CIWS) to save the ship from incoming enemy missiles.

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