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PAKISTAN NAVY Test Fires Indigenous Developed Anti-Ship Cruise Missile:

PAKISTAN NAVY has reached another milestone as it managed to successfully test fired the indigenous Anti-Ship Cruise Missile. The latter missile can easily hit any target on both the land and sea.


PAKISTAN NAVY launched the cutting-edge Anti-Ship Cruise Missile from the State of the Art Fast Attack Missile Craft Boat in an undisclosed location in the Arabian Sea. The Missile successfully managed to hit the pre-defined target with pinpoint accuracy.

The recent missile test has once again demonstrated the firepower capability of PAKISTAN NAVY and PAKISTAN as a whole by achieving the highest level of indigenization in developing such high tech Naval Warfare Weapons.

This new weapon has caused a lot of panic and fear to its arch rival, india (to which PAF has Given a Befitting Surprise and Response on the 27th, Apr). PAKISTAN NAVY said in a statement that PAK NAVY will reinforce the country’s Policy of credible minimum deterrence with the help of limited resources, self-reliance and indigenization.

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The Vice Chief of the Naval Staff Vice-Admiral Kaleem Shaukat was also present at the occasion during test-launch. The Vice Admiral also applauded the operational readiness of PAKISTAN NAVY Scientists and Engineers for their role in developing this lethal Naval Warfare Weapon for PAKISTAN NAVY.

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