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PAKISTAN Certified As the First and Only Country to Repair AEWACS Aircrafts:

More moment of Jubilation for the Brave Nation on this earth as PAKISTAN has officially been certified build and conduct all types of repair works of famous Swedish Firm SAAB Early Airborne Warning and Control System (AEWACS).


PAKISTAN AIR FORCE (PAF) is the one and only Air Force of the World to have the certification to repair SAAB AEWACS Aircrafts.

For the very first time in the History, Swedish State of the art SAAB AEWACS Aircrafts were built right from the scratch by another country (PAKISTAN), even to the disbelief to not only the world, but SAAB itself and the company have already declared the projects technically impossible.

This very miracle was done by the Patriotic and Capable Scientists and Technicians of PAKISTAN AIR FORCE (PAF). It is worth to mention that the SAAB AEWACS were being used by PAF were SAAB AEWACS with Erieye Technology. This State of the Art Surveillance Aircrafts were targeted and destroyed by the Indian state sponsored terrorists.

The terrorists before humiliated and killed by a dog’s death, managed to damage 3 of such aircrafts of PAF. This was an utter humiliation for the cow piss drinker zionist hindus.

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PAKISTAN AIR FORCE when contacted the SAAB and their Engineers visited the Aircrafts, then they declare that these Aircrafts cannot be repaired by any means. Despite the report from the SAAB Technicians built, renovate and repair the AEWACS Erieye Aircrafts with its own limited resources and well-learned and capable Scientists and Technicians.

The Erieye Technology which SAAB used on the Aircrafts is also used on a number of other Aircrafts as the Embraer R-99, SAAB 340, Bombardier Global 6000 and so on.


It is worth to mention that the Erieye System also included the Erieye Ground Interface Segment that is a major part of the Erieye System.

The Erieye Radar provides the coverage detection of 300 degrees and it also features 350 KM extended range in a dense hostile where different type of radars and Electronic Warfare Systems are being used at low target.

The Erieye System has also 450 Kilometer instrumental range. One of the best features of the Erieye System is that it is capable to identify friends and foes to minimize the collateral damage. Moreover, the Erieye System also has a Surveillance Mode. This Surveillance system is fully compatible with the other Surveillance Systems, Control System and Air Defense Command.  

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