COAS General Bajwa Vows Won’t Let Inimical Forces To Destabilize PAKISTAN During Visit To SSG HQ In Solidarity With Gen(r) Musharraf:

In a Big Development, Lion visits Lion Den. CHIEF OF ARMY STAFF General Qamar Ahmed Bajwa visits the headquarter of PAKISTAN ARMY’s Most feared and respected Special Services Group (SSG) in show with Solidarity with former PAK ARMY CHIEF and President of PAKISTAN General (Retd) General Pervaiz Musharraf In Tarbela on Wednesday, 18th December, 2019, PAK ARMY Media Wing Inter-Services Public Relations Said in an official statement via Twitter.


This is the most important visit of the CHIEF OF ARMY STAFF General Qamar Ahmed Bajwa after the Controversial, Biased and Suspicious verdict against the former ARMY CHIEF and President of PAKISTAN General (r) Pervaiz Musharraf.

“[The] SSG is our pride with myriad contributions towards defence of [the] country through its valiant Officers and Soldiers since the creation of PAKISTAN.” PAK ARMY CHIEF General Qamar Ahmed Bajwa said during a visit to the Special Services Group (SSG) HQ in Tarbela on Wednesday.

“We have brought stability by failing all inimical forces operating against PAKISTAN. We shall never let it go away at any cost.” COAS further said during a visit to SSG HQ.

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COAS General Qamar Ahmed Bajwa Visited SSG HQ Tarbela on Wednesday

PAKISTAN ARMY also expressed its serious concerns over the Controversial, Biased and Suspicious verdict against its former ARMY CHIEF General (retd) Pervaiz Musharraf.

“The decision given by [the] special court about General (retd) Pervez Musharraf has been received with [a] lot of pain and anguish by [the] rank and file of PAKISTAN‘s Armed Forces,” PAK ARMY Media Wing Inter-Services Public Relations said in a statement after the Corps Commanders meeting.

“An ex- PAK ARMY CHIEF, Chairman Joint Chiefs Of Staff Committee and president of PAKISTAN, who has served the country for over 40 years, fought wars for the Defense of the country can surely never be a traitor.” The armed forces of Pakistan expect that justice will be dispensed in line with the Constitution,” DG ISPR further said in the statement.

COAS Visit SSG Headquarter in Tarbela on Wednesday

The Special Visit of CHIEF OF ARMY STAFF General Qamar Ahmed Bajwa came a day after suspicious and biased judgment against the Former PAK ARMY CHIEF and President of PAKISTAN General (retd) Pervaiz Musharraf.  It is important to mention that PAKISTAN’s Another Beloved General and Former PAKISTAN ARMY CHIEF GENERAL (retd) RAHEEL SHARIF also visited the SSG HQ a week after General (r) previously indicted by the special court on March 31, 2014.

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The Special Services Group Commandos (SSG Commandos), which is also known as Black Storks and Maroon Berets due to their distinctive headgear, is the Elite Special Operations Commandos Force of PAKISTAN ARMY. The name Black Storks was given by the Spetsnaz due to their unmatched, professionalism, fighting skills and bravery.  It is important to mention that Spetsnaz Commandos is the Elite Highly Trained Commandos of the Russian Federation and they’ve highly impressed by the skills and Bravery of PAKISTAN ARMY Special Services Group Commandos.

There are five prime responsibilities of SSG Commandos: Foreign Internal Defense, Unconventional Warfare, Direct Action, Reconnaissance and Counter-Terrorism.

Almost all the inimical forces of this Sacred Country, PAKISTAN fear even from the name of the SSG Commandos due to their distinctive and remarkable 100% track record. SSG is the sword, which cuts every time you throw it on any enemy of PAKISTAN.

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The verdict against General (retd) Musharraf by the special court is widely acclaimed as Controversial, biased and suspicious aimed at maligning the Prime and State Institutions of PAKISTAN.


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