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Sonmiani Weapons Testing Range Is Making Defense of PAKISTAN Impregnable:

PAKISTAN has established the State of the Art Sonmiani Weapons Testing Range (WTR) with the CHINESE Collaboration on the 2nd February, 2018. Since then, the Sonmiani Weapons Testing Range (WTR) facility has been much needed and useful induction for all the Tri-Armed Forces of PAKISTAN as PAKISTAN NAVY, PAKISTAN AIR FORCE and PAKISTAN ARMY. Sonmiani Weapons Testing Range (WTR) is also making the Defense of Sacred Country PAKISTAN Impregnable than ever.

Missile Firing from Sonmiani Instrumented Weapons Testing Range

The facility is being used for evaluating, certifying and testing state of the art lethal and advanced missiles and munitions. The Sonmiani Firing Range Instrumented Weapon Testing Range also features the real-time tracking and the facility has already been used for the successful test-firing of PL-5EII Within-Visual-Range (WVR) Air to Air Missile (AAM) and revolutionary SD-10 Beyond-Visual-Range (BVR) missile. Both the lethal missiles are fired from PAKISTAN’s Pride JF-17 Thunder Aircraft. 

Furthermore, PAKISTAN AIR FORCE is planning to use the Sonmiani WTR facility for the testing, evaluation, certification and development of all the lethal and advanced munitions and missiles for its upcoming and indigenous state of the art Fifth Generation Fighter Program dubbed as “Project AZM”.

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It is worth mention that the development and procurement of tactical and strategic weapons by using conventional way, but this complex looking procedure has very much simplified by the induction of Sonmiani Weapons Testing Firing Range Instrumented Weapons Testing Range (WTR).

Along with PAKISTAN’s Tri-Armed Forces, the Sonmiani Weapons Testing Range (WTR) Facility has also been used by PAKISTANI Space Agency SUPARCO and PAKISTAN ARMY’s Strategic Plans Division Force (SPD FORCE), the custodian of PAKISTAN’s Conventional and Unconventional Weapons.

The Sonmiani Instrumented Weapons Testing Range (WTR) has already successfully completed the test-firing of number of different tactical weapons, including rockets and missile, such as:

  • Shaheen II Medium Range Ballistic Missile (MRBM)
  • Babur-3 Land Attack Cruise Missile (LACM)
  • Harba Dual Capability Anti-Ship Cruise Missile (LACM/ASCM)
  • Babur Variant of Submarine Launched Cruise Missile
  • Rehbar-I Sounding Rocket by SUPARCO

The strategic location of Sonmiani Weapons Testing Range gives phenomenal edge to PAKISTAN NAVY, PAKISTAN AIR FORCE and PAKISTAN ARMY to test different types of strategic and lethal munitions with real-time tracking and precision.

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Missile Main Pic Another

The Sonmiani Instrumented Weapons Testing Range (WTR) is strategically situated at cost along the Arabian Sea adjoining the Desert Area relevant to PAKISTAN’s Conventional and Unconventional Warfare Environment.

This diverse terrain offers most demanding and favorable environment for PAKISTAN NAVY, PAKISTAN AIR FORCE and PAKISTAN ARMY to undertake Air Warfare, Sea Warfare and Land Warfare missions.

The Sonmiani Instrumented Weapons Testing Range is equipped with the state of the art technologies and equipment. Although, PAKISTAN AIR FORCE has not disclosed the details of all the procured and installed systems in the Weapons Testing Range, but the sophisticated weapons testing facility like this consists of sophisticated radars, meteorological station, real-time optical tracking system, telemetry system and robust Command, Control and Communication Systems. 

The extensive testing purposes served by the Sonmiani Weapons Testing Range (WTR) can easily be compared with South Africa’s Overberg Weapons Testing Range (WTR) in terms of capacity and capability.

The Overberg WTR Facility is fully equipped to track fiver different flying objects near the facility and it enables the crew of the facility to readily track the target drone, munition and launch platforms with real-time tracking feature.

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The Overberg Weapons Testing Range (WTR) is a state of the art weapons testing range of established by South Africa, which includes the sophisticated equipment for evaluating, testing and tracking of different types of Missile, munitions, rockets and projectile, such as

  • Air To Surface Missile Systems (ASM)
  • Surface To Air Missile Systems (SAM)
  • Surface to Surface Missile Systems (SSM)
  • Anti-Tank Guided Missile (ATGM)
  • Artillery Shell Tests (For Armed Forces)

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