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PAKISTAN NAVY Ships PNS MOAWIN and PNS ASLAT Visits Lagos Port Nigeria As Part Of Overseas Deployment To Africa:

As part of the ongoing expedition of Overseas Deployment to African Countries, PAKISTAN NAVY Ships PNS ASLAT and PNS MOAWIN visited Nigerian Lagos Port. Upon arrival the port, the Top Senior officials of Nigerian NAVY welcomed the Mission Commander, Commanding Officers and Crew of PAKISTAN NAVY’s visiting ships.

Later, the Mission Commander and Commanding Officers of PAKISTAN NAVY’s visiting ships called on prominent and Top Level Nigerian Naval Authorities, Commander and Officers, including Flag Officer Naval Training Command (NAVTRAC), Flag Officer Commanding (FOC) and Flag Officer Commanding Western Naval Command (WNC).

PAKISTAN NAVY Ships PNS MOAWIN and PNS ASLAT Visits Lagos Port Nigeria As Part Of Overseas Deployment To Africa

During the meeting with Senior Nigerian Authorities, the Mission Commander of PAK NAVY’s Visiting ships conveyed sincerest and heartfelt regards from the PAKISTAN NAVAL CHIEF Admiral Zaffar Mahmood Abbasi to the people of Brotherly Country Nigeria in general and Nigerian Navy in particular.

During the meeting, the Naval Forces of both PAKISTAN and Nigeria displayed resolve, commitment and desire on further expanding friendly and brotherly relations between the two brotherly ISLAMIC Countries.

As a gesture of goodwill and PAKISTAN NAVY’s resolve of Humanitarian Aid, PAKISTAN NAVY organized the free Medical Camp by the Team of Doctors and Paramedics of PAKISTAN NAVY. The free Medical camp was established off the port and the camp provided free medicines and treatments up to 2700 local patients of the area.

PAKISTAN NAVY delegation also updates the Nigerian Navy Officials about the Precious sacrifices of PAKISTAN in the fight against terror and PAKISTAN NAVY’s initiative of Regional Maritime Security Patrols (RMSP).

During the treatment, some of the passengers were also treated on-board PNA MOAWIN, which housed state of the art medical treatment facilities. The establishment of free medical camp by PAKISTAN NAVY helps to generate tremendous goodwill and it was widely appreciated by the local population.

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Team of PAK NAVY Doctors and Paramedics Treating Local Population During Nigeria Visit
Team of PAK NAVY Doctors and Paramedics Treating Local Population During Nigeria Visit

During the occasion, the Mission Commander also updated the recent barbaric acts of the coward indian security forces against the unarmed and civilized Kashmir Brethren.

PAKISTAN NAVY also showed the documentary depicting the inhumane and barbaric acts perpetrated by the coward indian security forces against the brave and Valiant Kashmir Brethren.

Later, a reception dinner was hosted onboard PNS ASLAT Ship, Rear Admiral of Nigerian Navy T T Dakwat and Chief of Naval Staff and Standards Nigerian Navy graced the dinner as Chief Guest. Furthermore, Senior Officers of the Nigerian Armed Forces, large number of the Diplomatic Corps and prominent local Authorities attended the event.

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PAK NAVY Ships Commanding Officer Exchange Souvenir with Flag Officer Western Naval Command During Visit to Nigeria

At the end of the visit, PAKISTAN NAVY Ship and Nigerian Navy Ship also conducted the bilateral exercise with the aim to benefit from mutual experience in both war and peace time like scenarios.

The latest visit of the PAKISTAN NAVY Ships to Nigeria will further help in enhancing the Cordial and Brotherly relations between the two ISLAMIC Countries.

It is worth mentioning that Nigeria is among the biggest Defense Partner of PAKISTAN and the country has also showed its will and desire to purchase PAKISTAN’s Indigenous 4.5++ Generation JF-17 Thunder Fighter Aircraft in order to strengthen its air power in Africa.

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