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Ababeel MIRV Missile:

PAKISTAN is one of the seven countries of the world that has successfully developed the revolutionary Multiple Independent Targetable Re-entry Vehicle (MIRV) capable missile named as Ababeel Missile.

Testing of PAKISTAN’s MIRV Capable Ababeel Missile

The Ababeel Missile is a medium range ballistic (MRBM) with a known range of 2200 KM or 1367 Miles. The Ababeel Missile has a total diameter of 1.7 meters (approx.) and it is powered by solid-fuel. This missile is known to carry multiple conventional or nuclear warheads to a designated target in least possible time.

The Multiple Independent Targetable Re-entry Vehicle (MIRV) is a cutting-edge and state of the art technology that allows a single missile to carry multiple warheads simultaneously towards a same targeted area.

All of the multiple warheads can be programmed individually to attack different targets in the targeted region. Till date, there is no ballistic missile defense system has developed that can fully counter or defeat the MIRV missile.

The Multiple Independent Re-entry vehicle missile is also known to be very effective against the Ballistic Missile Defense Systems (BMD).

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PAKISTAN has also demonstrated different MIRV capable technologies in the past. This technology demonstration includes the small retrograde rockets for a post separation altitude control system (PSAC).

PAKISTAN has reportedly deployed the cutting-edge PSAC technology on its number of Shaheen Series Missiles, including the Shaheen I, Shaheen IA and Shaheen II missiles. This missile is nearly unstoppable and it has a 80% probability to hit the target.

Demographic Operational Capability of PAKISTAN’s Ababeel Missile

The Ababeel Missile is a 3 stage missile that was first tested on 24th Jan, 2017. The second test of the missile took place after the gap of a year in March, 2018.

The basic parameter and design of the Ababeel Missile shares many characteristics with PAKISTAN’s other Medium Range Ballistic Missiles (MRBM), including the Shaheen II and Shaheen III missiles. The Babeel missile will help the host country to save from any type of misadventure from its archenemy, India.

The Ababeel Missile has a swollen cone section of size about 1.7 meters and it can be equipped with both multiple conventional and nuclear warheads.

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The Multiple Independent Target Re-entry Vehicle missiles can also be used as a surprise attack on adversary strategic assets in a first strike capability.


The Ababeel Missile is known to defeat all the missile defense system that its adversary India had. The demonstration of this missile will help to boost the defense capabilities of its host country and it will also prevent the India to even think of invading PAKISTAN.

The MIRV is a state of the art technology and only a few countries of the world have managed to claim it, having said that; PAKISTAN strategic forces have done a tremendous job of doing the experiment of such cutting edge missile.

The media wing of the PAKISTAN ARMY quoted that the ” Ababeel Missile will help to ensure the survivability of PAKISTAN’s Ballistic Missiles in the growing regional Ballistic Missile Defense (BMD) environment.”

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