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PAKISTAN Iron Brother CHINA Delivers The First Type 054AP Stealth Warship PNS TUGHRIL To PAKISTAN NAVY In A Prestigious Ceremony Held At Hudong Zhonghua Shipyard In CHINA:

PAKISTAN Iron Brother CHINA has delivered the most advanced and first Type 054A/P Stealth Warship PNS TUGHRIL to PAKISTAN NAVY in a prestigious commissioning ceremony held at the Hudong Zhonghua (HZ) Shipyward, CHINA on Monday, November 8, 2021, PAKISTAN NAVY Media Wing Head DGPR NAVY Rear Admiral Naeem Sarwar said in an official statement. 

According to the details, PAKISTAN NAVY has commissioned the First Type 054A/P Stealth Warship in CHINA, which is named PNS TUGHRIL.

The Ambassador of PAKISTAN to CHINA, H.E Mr. Moin Ul Haq graced the Commissioning ceremony as the Chief Guest.

During the ceremony, the CHINESE Authorities raised the Sacred Flag of PAKISTAN and National Anthem of Sacred Country PAKISTAN also played, which received well-deserve applause from the people of both Iron Brother Countries.

The newly commissioned PNS TUGHRIL Type 054A/P Stealth Warship is the one of the largest and most advanced Warship that CHINA has exported to any country.

The newly commissioned PNS TUGHRIL is one of the four Stealth Warships that are being constructed for PAKISTAN by its Iron Brother CHINA.

The PNS TUGHRIL is the technologically most advanced, highly capable and lethal platform that is armed with enormous and lethal Surface to Air, Surface to Surface and Underwater Fire Power, hi-tech radars, Electronics Warfare Suit and Surveillance Equipment.

The PNS TUGHRIL Type 054A/P Stealth Warship is the fully capable to conduct multi-missions in a highly intense multi-threat environment.

As far as the Self-Defense capabilities is concerned; the PNS TUGHRIL 054A/P Stealth Warship is packed with the state of the art and revolutionary Electric and Counter-Electronic Warfare System, Combat Management System, Advanced Surface to Air Missile System, modern sensors, long-range Surveillance Equipment, amongst others.

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While speaking on the occasion, the Chief Guest of the ceremony, Ambassador of PAKISTAN to CHINA Mr. Moin Ul Haq underlined that the addition of PNS TUGHRIL Stealth Warship in PAKISTAN’s Arsenal is another new Chapter in PAKISTAN and CHINA evergreen brotherhood.

PAKISTANI Envoy added that the addition of most advanced and stealth Warship PNS TUGHRIL in PAKISTAN NAVY’s arsenal will significantly strengthen the capability of PAKISTAN NAVY to respond the maritime threats and challenges in a befitting manner.

He added that the Brotherhood of Iron Brother Countries, PAKISTAN and CHINA has matured with the passage of time and remained steadfast in all the domains, including Defense and Security.

He also added that the addition of PNS TUGHRIL to PAKISTAN NAVY Combat Fleet will also help to ensure seaward defense, main peace and security and it will also help to maintain the balance of power in the indian Ocean Region (iOR).

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On the occasion, the Ambassador also lauded the remarkable efforts made by the Hudong Zhonghua Shipyard, CSDDC, CSTS and CSSC and PEOPLE’S LIBERATION NAVY (PLAN) to timely deliver the potential, most capable and lethal surface combatant to Iron Brother Country PAKISTAN despite the global Covid-19 pandemic.

In his remarks, the Director of the Board and Vice Party Secretary CSSC Mr, Dy Gang also lauded the timely construction of PNS TUGHRIL Stealth Warship.

“Both countries are bound by the affinity of trust, compassion and commonality,” the Vice Party Secretary and Director of the Board CSSC Mr. Du Gang added in the statement.

He also termed the addition of PNS TUGHRIL in PAKISTAN NAVY’s Combat Fleet as another testimony of ever growing PAKISTAN and CHINA long-lasting Brotherhood.

In his remarks, the Head of PAKISTAN NAVY Mission Overseeing Construction of Type 054A/P Stealth Warships, Commodore Rashid Mehmood Sheikh added that the addition of PNS TUGHRIL, being a multi-mission and most capable Surface Combatant, will form the mainstay of PAKISTAN NAVY Fleet.

The addition of such modern, capable and potent Surface Combatant in PAKISTAN NAVY Combatant Fleet will also boost the Offensive capability of PAKISTAN NAVY against india, who is the arch enemy of both Iron Brother Countries, CHINA and PAKISTAN.

The Commissioning Ceremony was witnessed by the high-level dignitaries from PLAN, BOMETEC, OIMC, SASTIND, CSSC CSTC and Hudong Zhonghua Shipyard. The Commander of PLAN Shanghai Naval Base was also presented on the occasion.

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