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PAKISTAN Iron Brother CHINA Transitions Intelligentized Warfare Domain From Informationized Warfare:

PAKISTAN Iron Brother CHINA is now transitioning from its “Informationized” warfare approach to the next generation “intelligentized” warfare approach and now the future combat doctrine of CHINA will be evolved around intelligentized warfare domain.

Concept of Intelligentized Warfare Domain
Concept of Intelligentized Warfare Domain

The Top CHINESE Military Leadership believes that the emerging and evolving new technologies, such as big-data analytics, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, unmanned combat systems and quantum information can play an integral role in the buildup of intelligentized air warfare.

CHINESE Top Senior Military Officials believe that this paradigm shift from “Informationized” to “intelligentized” will bring a revolution in the combat doctrine and it will also support the future combat systems that is expected to join the domain of air warfare for making quicker decision and command and control efforts.

CHINESE Military has first described the basic concept of “intelligentized” warfare back in 2016 and defined as the “an asymmetric way to weaken an adversary’s ability to acquire, transmit, process, and use information during war and to force an adversary to capitulate before the onset of conflict.”

CHINESE Military officials believe information superiority, which also complete denial of information to all its enemies, as critical for the ultimate success on the hybrid complex battlefield. Now, the intelligentized air warfare integration goes beyond the Informationized warfare concept to degrade, diffuse and target the combat systems and communications of the hostile countries.

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“The PLA’s ability to leverage big data will depend upon its ability to obtain large quantities of high-quality data on foreign militaries. Additionally, the complexity of future conflict probably will challenge the PLA to recruit, train, and retain the highly competent and technically proficient personnel necessary to understand and operate future ‘intelligentized’ systems.”

The CHINESE PEOPLE’S LIBERATION ARMY AIR FORCE or PLAAF plans to deploy the emerging technologies as part of its new “intelligentized” warfare domain to support all the unmanned systems on ground, air and at sea.

It will also help to enable new command-and-control models and improve the domain of cyber and electronic warfare domain through Artificial Intelligence-assisted networks, spectrum management, big-data analytics and quantum computing.

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The Intelligentized Air Warfare domain will witness the integration of military and non-military domains into one. This new concept will reshape the future of warfighting in every aspect, realm and dimension.

The CHINESE Concept of Intelligentized Air Warfare will help to replace the “Human-on-Human warfare by “machine-on-human” and “machine-on-machine” warfare.

By combining human soldiers into machines by using exoskeletal systems and other gadgets will “comprehensively enhance the inherent cognitive and physiological capacity of human fighters and will forge out superman combatants.”

The Intelligentized Air Warfare will totally change the conventional rules of military engagement between the countries and armed forces. Now, Asymmetric and Hybrid Warfare tools will become the new normal in the modern battlefield. The Unmanned Combat System will rewrite the support process and rules of engagement and Intelligent Control will act as a Pivot in this warfare.

“The cognitive domain will become another battle domain next to the land, sea, air, space, electromagnetic, and cyber domains of warfare,” Yang Wenzhe said.

“Cross-domain unconventional and asymmetrical fighting will become a new normal in military engagements…Unmanned operations, as a prominent hallmark of the new warfighting pattern, will rewrite the rules of engagements and reshape the support processes. Intelligence control will replace spaces control as the center of gravity in war,” Yang Wenzhe added.

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With the massive expansion of AI-based warfare technology, the boundaries of future war will be extended into the deep air, deep land, deep cyber and deep brain domains. The overall scope of warfighting will now unleashed to the extreme level, which has never ever been witnessed by mankind before.

PAKISTAN will also benefit from CHINESE Intelligentized Warfare Technology as PAKISTAN Iron Brother CHINA will also work to integrate and transition this new war technology with PAKISTAN ARMY, PAKISTAN AIR FORCE and PAKISTAN NAVY.

The new transition will help PAKISTAN Iron Brother CHINA to attain ultimate supremacy in Informationized and intelligentized air warfare domains over all its adversaries during complex hybrid air warfare scenario.

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