Russia to Supply 16 Sukhoi SSJ100 Civilian Passenger Jets to PAKISTAN Next Year:

The recent visit of the Minister of Industry and Trade of Russian Federation Denis Valentinovich Manturov has opened new doors, horizons and domains of Russian Investment to new strategic partner and friendly country PAKISTAN. In a recent development; Russia is looking to supply 6-16 numbers of SSJ100 Civilians Jets to PAKISTAN Air Lines (PIA) next year of 2020.
The SSJ100 is a state of the art Civilian Jet made by the Russia’s Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Company and the company might start the delivery of 6 to 16 Civilians Aircrafts to PAKISTAN in the next year of 2020.
“We are communicating directly with PAKISTAN Air, we are conducting negotiations with this company, and we have agreed that work will continue in January, given that we should make calculations regarding the destination network with our colleagues. This is about the possible delivery of from six to 16 SSJ100s,” the Russian Federation Minister Denis Valentinovich Manturov said on Wednesday.

The announcement of SSJ100 Aircrafts was made during the sixth consecutive meeting of PAKISTAN-Russia Inter-Governmental Commission (IGC) on Economic, Trade and Scientific Technical Cooperation held in PAKISTANI Capital Islamabad.

“We have all the necessary capabilities for this from the point of view of financial support, and the question arises of service – we will have to find a solution with our colleagues on what basis and at what number of aircraft it will be most effective,” the visiting Russian Minister Denis Valentinovich Manturov further added in his official statement.

Russian Sukhoi SSJ100 Jets

The 64 member Russian Delegation is led by the Minister of Industry and Trade of Russian Federation Denis Valentinovich Manturov, while the Federal Minister for Economic Affairs Hammad Azhar led the commission from PAKSTANI side. During the meeting, both sides are discussing ways on further enhancing the bilateral cooperation in the areas of communication, steel, railway and energy.
It is worth mentioning that the SSJ100 is basically a twin-engine Plane manufactured by Russia’s leading Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Company. The Sukhoi SSJ100 Passenger Jet can fly at a distance of 3976 Kilometers and it can carry up to 98 Passengers in one side trip. The Sukhoi SSJ100 Airplane has made its maiden flight back in May 2008. Russia has also marketed its SSJ100 Airplane in the fastest growing Aviation markets of Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Vietnam, Laos and Myanmar.
ISLAMABAD has also its keen interest to secure a whooping $9 Billion US Dollars Defense Deal with Russia, which will include the Air Defense Systems, Heavy to Medium Fighter Jets, Combat helicopters, Warships, Frigates and as well as Russian T-90’s Tanks.


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