Coward And Filthy indian Security Forces Have Started Killing Men And Raping Women In Assam And Tripura:

The cow pisses drinker and filthy indian security forces will always remain the dirtiest and filthiest scumbag of this earth and no one can change this reality. In a recent development, huge protests erupted in the entire india over the passage of the Anti-Muslim Bill and the situation became very critical in dozens of indian states, including Assam and Tripur.
The protesters turned into the street and roads of Assam and Tripura region and raised slogans against the fragile indian union. The Protesters sat government buildings and installation on fire and demanded the withdrawal of Anti-Muslim bill. The filthy indian government has called in the filthy indian army and imposed a total lock down and curfew in Assam and Tripura.

The coward and filthy indian army is now using ‘Rape’ as a tool against the local citizens of Assam and Tripura Area. Nearly all the filthy indian armed forces uses Rape as a tool against the peaceful protestant as a regular practice.

The filthy indian security forces have suspended the internet, communication, market and public transport in the area in order to replicate the situation like disputed Jammu & Kashmir.
The coward and filthy indian army has imposed a total Kashmir-like curfew in Assam and Tripura and they’ve started killing men and mass raping women in the area. The coward and filthy indian security forces also tortured the young boys of Assam and Tripura in their secret bases in Assam and Tripura area.

The coward and filthy indian security forces have ordered all the men of the area to come out from their houses and the indian security forces entered into the houses and they’ve started mass rape of women in the area in the name of the regular search.

The coward and filthy indian security forces have started grave human rights violation in the area and they’ve also committed the barbaric acts against the unarmed and peaceful protesters.
Defense Analysts are suggesting that the total disintegration of filthy india is very near and recent wave of protests across all fragile indian unions would prove to be the last nail in the coffin of the fragile indian state unions.


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