PAKISTAN Decides Complete Closure of Air Space And Afghan Trade Routes for india:

PAKISTAN is seriously considering the complete closure of PAKISTAN’s Air Space to india and PAKISTAN also decides the complete embargo for indian on using PAKISTANI trade links for trade with Afghanistan.

PAKISTAN Banned Airspace for india

It is important to mention that the coward and terrorist indian prime minister modi uses PAKISTANI Air space to fly to France to attend the G7 summit, which raises several questions and eyebrows in PAKISTAN.

The PAKISTANI Ministers debated on complete banning the PAKISTANI air space for all indian flights in the cabinet meeting chaired by the Prime Minister of the country.

The ban may come into effect right from Thursday on Aug 28, 2019 after completing all the legal and international obligations in the procedure.

According to the reliable sources, the Prime Minister of the country has directed all the concern ministries and departments of Defense, Law, Aviation and other departments to take all necessary actions to fulfill all international obligations for the complete banning the PAKISTANI air and the land route for india.

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It is pertinent to mention that it would be second consecutive time in a single year that PAKISTAN has restricted its airspace for all indian flights.

Earlier, PAKISTAN closed its airspace back in February 2019, when the brave Falcons of PAKISTAN AIR FORCE target and shoot down 2 indian fighter jets across indian occupied Kashmir. PAKISTAN termed the whole operation of shooting down the indian aircrafts as ‘Operation Swift Retort’.

Notably, PAKISTAN has already downgraded the diplomatic ties with the india and all the road and rail links have already been halted by PAKISTAN over the illegal annexation of the Kashmir by coward and terrorist indian government and indian security forces.

Ban on Transit Trade to Afghanistan:

PAKISTAN has also decided to ban all the from india to an Afghanistan in a response to an Afghanistan complaint to the United Nations against the neighboring country accusing of cross-border shelling.

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The cunning afghan government quietly approached to the United Nations on Aug 22 and lodged a request through its permanent member over the Shelling of PAKISTAN to different Afghan areas across the border.

It is pertinent to mention that PAKISTAN is allowed the indian-Afghan trade through PAKISTANI land routes on a very special request made by the Puppet president of Afghanistan during his recent visit to PAKISTAN.

PAKISTAN has considered the recent cunning move of puppet Afghan government as ‘Backstabbing’ despite the sincere efforts of PAKISTAN for the ongoing Afghan peace process with Taliban.

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