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PAKISTAN ARMY Killed Three indian Soldiers in Retaliatory Firing Along LOC:

Three more indian security forces personnel meet their humiliated and painful death as the PAKISTAN ARMY open retaliatory fire on indian positions along LOC. As a result, three indian soldiers died like a rabid dog.

indian troop coffin
indian troop coffin

The indian soldiers opened unprovoked fire on innocent civilian population, which resulted in the martyrdom of one civilian. In response to indian firing, PAKISTAN ARMY has opened fire and killed 3 indian soldiers like a rabid dog.

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All the three indian soldiers were shaking like slaughtered chickens and died on the spot instantly.

The PAKISTAN ARMY Media Wing’s Spokesperson said in a statement that the unprovoked indian firing along LOC resulted in the martyrdom of one Brave PAKISTANI Civilian, while 8 civilians were also injured due to the targeted indian firing along the LOC. As a result PAK ARMY Soldiers opened fire on indian positions and killed 3 indian soldiers at the spot.

Director General Inter Services Public Relations said in a statement that the indian forces targeted civil population in Dadyal, Skarda, Dina, Jura, Shahkot and Lipa along the actual Line of Control.

It is an undeniable fact indians can only opened fire on unarmed innocent civilians and they don’t have the balls to face the military might of PAKISTAN ARMY. This is the reason that they don’t face the Brave Soldiers of PAKISTAN ARMY with the fear that the PAKISTAN ARMY will kill them instantly like a rabid dog.

All the 3 indian soldiers met with their painful destiny after shaking like slaughtered chicken. As the Brave PAK ARMY Soldiers opened fire and killed three indian dogs at the spot.

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