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PAKISTAN to Buy Howitzer Ammunition from Italy:

It seemed as PAKISTAN ARMY doesn’t want to sit quiet, even after humiliating  Zionist country of india in front of the whole world on the 27th of Feb 2019.

PAK ARMY M110A2 Self Propelled Howitzer
PAK ARMY M110A2 Self Propelled Howitzer

In a recent development PAKISTAN has inked an ammunition deal with the Italy to purchase the whooping quantity of up to 100,000 Howitzer Shells from Italy. PAKISTAN is going to purchase the above mentioned quantity of shells for its Howitzer Guns.

PAKISTAN ARMY M109L tracked self-propelled howitzers
PAKISTAN ARMY M-109L tracked self-propelled howitzers

Italy will start supplying these Shells to the country as soon as possible. Previously PAKISTAN totally relied on its all weather friend and Iron Brother CHINA for the Howitzer Ammo, but the new strategic move by the PAKISTAN Policy Makers is quite astonishing.

Sources claim that PAKISTAN ARMY is planning the purchase of special Howitzer Ammunition from Italy in a bulk quantity with an aim to target the bunker of coward drinker indian army. 

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