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Media Briefing Of 7th Multinational Naval Exercise AMAN-2021 Held At the PAKISTAN NAVAL FLEET HQ Karachi:

A media briefing of 7th Multinational Naval Exercise AMAN-21, being organized by PAKISTAN NAVY, held at the headquarter of PAKISTAN NAVAL Fleet in Karachi on Monday, February 8, 2021, PAKISTAN NAVY DGPR Rear Admiral Arshid Javed said in an official statement on the official Twitter account.

According to the details released by the PAKISTAN NAVY Media Wing, Commander PAKISTAN Fleet (COMPAK) Rear Admiral Naveed Ashraf briefed the National and International Media about the details of the Seventh Edition of AMAN-21 Naval Exercise.

The Exercise NAVAL-2021 is being organized by PAKISTAN NAVY with the slogan ‘Together for Peace on a regular basis to portray the real soft image of the Sacred Country PAKISTAN.

More than 45 International Navies, including Russia and NATO Countries, are scheduled to take part in the 7th Edition of the AMAN-21 Naval Exercise.

PAKISTAN NAVY All Set To Host Historic AMAN-2021 Naval Exercise With The Participation Of 45 Countries In a Decade
PAKISTAN NAVY All Set To Host Historic AMAN-2021 Naval Exercise With The Participation Of 45 Countries In a Decade

The AMAN-21 Multinational Naval Exercise aimed to enhance interoperability between different regional and extra regional navies, to contribute toward regional peace and stability and to fight against terrorism in the maritime domain.

PAKISTAN has remained steadfast in fighting the forces of indian state sponsored and indian state funded terror forces with unshakable will, resolve and countless sacrifices.

Like any prime maritime nation, PAKISTAN also has substantial stakes in its Strategically located Maritime Domain.

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PAKISTAN maritime domain is rooted intro three realities, as extraordinary dependence on sea trade, operationalization of multi-billion dollars CHINA PAKISTAN Economic Corridor and the strategic location of PAKISTAN Maritime Domain and PAKISTAN Maritime Assets along the global energy highway.

As a responsible Country of the World, PAKISTAN considers that the maritime security is not just important for itself, but for all the countries whose progress and prosperity is directly and indirectly linked with the maritime domain and sea trade.

“Media brief of 7th Multinational Naval Exercise AMAN-2021 was conducted at #PAKNAVY Fleet HQ Khi, wherein, COMPAK R/Adm Naveed Ashraf briefed media about biennial Ex AMAN.  PAKISTAN NAVY is conducting this Ex since 2007 with the slogan ‘Together for Peace’,” DGPR NAVY said.

It is also a fact that no single country on the planet can tackle all the challenges with single handedly, it is there imperative to collaborate with other countries in order to get the mutual benefit.

Commander PAKISTAN FLEET (COMPAK) Rear Admiral Naveed Ashraf also highlighted that PAKISTAN NAVY, as a responsible Naval Forces of the World, also believe in the concept of having Collaborative Maritime Security and therefore it has been actively participating in various Counter Piracy and Anti-Terrorism Operations along with other partner Navies since 2004.

PAKISTAN NAVY has also taken the initiative of Regional Maritime Security Patrols (RMSP) back in 2018, in which Warships and Frigates of PAKISTAN NAVY helps to maintain peace and stability in regional and global maritime frontier domains.

The 7th Edition of the AMAN-21 Naval Drills is scheduled to commence the current month of February, where around 45 International Navies are participating in its with different Air and Surface Assets, Special Operation Forces, Marine Teams and Senior Observers and Officers.

“Ex AMAN contributes towards regional peace & stability, resolve against terrorism, collaborate to maintain safe & sustainable maritime domain & enhance interoperability b/w regional & extra regional navies. Around 45 countries are participating in the 7th edition of Ex AMAN-21,” DGPR NAVY further added.

The AMAN-21 Naval Drill would be conducted in primary two different domains: Harbor and Sea Phase. The Harbor Activities would include different sessions of discussions, seminars, get together events and demonstrations. While the Sea Phase would be primarily consist of Counter Terrorism, Tactical Maneuvers, Search & Rescue and Gunnery Firing.

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PAKISTAN NAVY COMPAK Rear Admiral Naveed Ashraf also apprised the local and international media that AMAN-21 Multinational Exercise will also provide a collective forum for information sharing, identifying the areas of common interests and mutual understanding in order to achieve the mutual goal of maintaining the peace, stability and prosperity in regional and global maritime frontiers and domains.

The Hallmark of the AMAN-21 Multinational Naval Exercise would be the International Fleet Review, which would be witnessed by the various National and Foreign dignitaries.

COMPAK Rear Admiral Naveed Ashraf also highlighted that the AMAN-21 Naval Exercise, with its theme ‘Together for Peace’, will not only help the PAKISTAN NAVY efforts in maintaining regional and global maritime peace, but will also help portray the soft image of PAKISTAN in the World Community.

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