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PAKISTAN NAVY Acquires The Fleet Of Highly Advanced CHINESE Z-9D Anti-Submarine Helicopters To Hunt Down indian warships And submarines In indian Ocean:

PAKISTAN NAVY has acquired the fleet of Highly Advanced and Cutting-Edge CHINESE Z-9D Anti-Submarine Helicopters to hunt down indian warships and submarines in the indian ocean.

PAKISTAN NAVY has selected the highly advanced and hi-tech CHINESE Z-9D Anti-Submarine and Anti-Surface Warfare Helicopter for its Type 054AP Stealth Warships.

PAKISTAN NAVY has recently acquired the first Type 054A/P Stealth Warship (PNS TUGHRIL) from its Iron Brother CHINA few weeks back. Now, PAKISTAN NAVY has finally selected the CHINESE Z-9D Helicopter for its next generation stealth frigates.

PAKISTAN NAVY has previously purchased the CHINESE Z-9C Anti-Submarine Warfare Helicopter from its Iron Brother CHINA for its Zulfiquar Class Warships. The CHINESE Z-9D is the upgraded and modernized version of the Z-9C with a lot of added features and functionalities.

Salient Features of PAKISTAN NAVY Z-9D Anti-Submarine Warfare Helicopter:

  1. Radar:

The CHINESE Z-9D Anti-Submarine Helicopter uses the improved and revolutionary X-band KLC-3B Airborne Search Radar. The X-band KLC-3B Airborne Search Radar is also equipped with the new flat-plate antenna that can easily search the warships up to a range of 180 Kilometers in total.

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The Radar can also be used for the correct target acquisition for the CM-302 Anti-Ship Cruise Missile and CM-501G Precision Attack Cruise Missile over the horizon.

The Radar can easily detect the large warships with displacement around 3,000+ Tons and it can also capture the 50 Tons displacement speedboats from more than 60 Kilometers away.

The CHINESE Z-9D Anti-Submarine Warfare Helicopters also features the Beidou Antenna on the top of the cabin that can use the Beidou Global Navigation Satellite System.

Reportedly, TRI-ARMED FORCES of PAKISTAN have also switched over the Beidou Global Satellite Navigation Satellite System, so PAKISTAN NAVY can easily deploy and designate any target by using the Beidou system.

  1. Dipping Sonar and Sonobuoy: 

The CHINESE Z-9D Anti-Submarine Warfare Helicopter are packed with the cutting-edge and advanced 12 Passive of dipping sonars to boost Anti-Submarine Warfare capabilities. Moreover, it is also equipped with the 4 Active Sonobuoy to detect the both stealth and non-stealth submarines in deep water.

With the help of the dipping Sonar and Sonobuoy, the PAKISTAN NAVY can easily detect any intruding indian submarine in PAKISTANI Waters from a considerable distance.

Now, the indian navy has to think twice before initiating any misadventure in the Sacred maritime Frontiers of PAKISTAN.

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  1. Radar Warning Receiver:

The PAKISTAN NAVY Z-9D Anti-Submarine Warfare comes with the cutting-edge Radar Warning Receiver on both sides of the nose and the tailor rotor in order to timely warn the helicopter of any emerging threat from enemy fire control radar.

  1. Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) Antenna:

In order to timely and accurately identify the friend or foe, the PAKISTAN NAVY Z-9D Anti-Submarine Warfare Helicopter is equipped with the dedicated Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) Antenna to identify the friend or foe over the horizon.

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  1. Weaponry Options:

The Z-9D is fully compatible to carry various types of munitions, rockets and missiles. It can carry up to two new YU-11K Anti-Submarine Warfare Torpedoes under its wings and it can also carry 4 YJ-9 Anti-Submarine Warfare Rockets under the wings.

The Z-9D Anti-Submarine Warfare Helicopter can also carry the CM-501G Precision Attack Cruise Missile and CM-302 Anti-Ship Cruise Missile.

PAKISTAN NAVY has already selected the CHINESE CM-501G Precision Attack Cruise Missile, so chances are there that Z-9D Anti-Submarine Warfare would be armed with this lethal missile to hunt down the indian Warships and deeply submerged submarines during a potential conflict.

The CM-501G Precision Attack Cruise Missile has a total weight of 150 Kilograms and 40 KG of warhead. The missile can hit the designated target at 5-50 Kilometers in total.

  1. EO Turret:

The PAKISTAN NAVY Z-9D Helicopter also features the nose mounted EO Turret and a sharp and powerful search light.

  1. Crash Position Indicator (CPI): 

The Z-9D Helicopter also comes with the Crash Position Indicators (CPI) that is installed on the starboard side of the tail boom.

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